The High Republic: Convergence drops a new, extended excerpt

Convergence by Zoraida Córdov. Image courtesy
Convergence by Zoraida Córdov. Image courtesy /

The High Republic returns today with Phase II and Path of Deceit. However, the day is not over yet. Del Rey gave us our first look at the adult novel of the phase, Convergence by Zoraida Córdova. When Light of the Jedi kicked off the initiative back in January of 2021, we were treated to the first eight chapters of the book. This time around, we are getting four full chapters!

Convergence is set to release on November 22nd. Phase II is set 150 years before the events of Phase I. The book starts of focusing on the twin planets of Eiram and E’ronoh. Dedicated fans of the series will recognize these locations from the pages of Into the Dark and The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray. The two planets have a history of conflict, but currently find themselves in a ceasefire.

The excerpt starts on E’ronoh, which is currently mired in a drought.

"For the first time in five years, the sky over E’ronoh’s capital was clear of fighting ships. . . . The war was not over, but life went on as life always does. Though parts of the city still smoldered, mourners hurried to inter their dead. As news of the latest cease-fire attempt with Eiram spread, the market of the Rook, E’ronoh’s capital, flooded with citizens anticipating the promise of the day’s water shipment."

Above the skies, Captain Xiri A’lbaran leads a squadron of fighters, waiting to accept the incoming shipment. In addition to being the leader of her squad, Xiri is also the Princess of E’ronoh and negotiated this time of peace. However, even though there is a truce currently, tensions are still incredibly high.

"Captain Xiri A’lbaran was tired of waiting. For the ice hauler to drop out of hyperspace. For the enemy to break their tenuous cease-fire and attack. For her world to go up in flames again and again, and know that this time, despite everything she’d fought for, it would be all her fault. . . . She was the captain of E’ronoh’s fleet. She had to set an example for the batch of new recruits, every wave of them younger and younger than the last."

Eventually, the shipment of ice, aimed to relieve the drought, drops out of hyperspace between the two planets. However, unexpectedly, it is flanked by two Republic Alif-class Longbeams. To make matters worse, the relief ship is heading in the wrong direction–towards Eiram–and the squad’s rookie pilot is having difficulty keeping his ship under control.

"“Thylefire Nine, stay in formation,” Xiri ordered. “Lieutenant Segaru, keep hailing the ice hauler and get them to reroute. I’ll deal with the general.”But Xiri wouldn’t get the opportunity. The rogue devilfighter completely broke formation and sailed through space in sweeping dips and dives.“Thylefire Nine, if you weren’t endangering the mission, I’d congratulate you on the best flying of your class,” Lieutenant Segaru said. “Now get your ass back here!”“It’s not me!” Blitz shouted. “The ship’s out of control. I can’t—”“Nine, that’s an order! Do you copy?” Xiri said, the channel crackling with the sharp note of feedback. Every ship was trying to communicate and unable to get their messages out as a green blur blasted through the debris field and at Eiram’s forces. It didn’t matter that it didn’t make contact. It was a shot fired from Thylefire Nine’s starfighter, from E’ronoh.A single shot was all it took."

Amidst the chaos, we are introduced to the Jedi Knight who graces the cover of the novel, Gella Nattai. Nattai is aboard one of the Longbeams and is on a relief mission to assist Eiram. She is joined by Padawan Enya and Masters Sun and Roy. They drop out hyperspace, into the fray above the two planets.

"Emerging from their blindspot was a second Longbeam cruiser. Gella’s insides churned as Master Roy strained to avoid the Republic ship attempting to right its course, but the nose of the Valiant ground into the tail of the other ship.“It’s the Paxion,” Enya said, reading the control panel.“Are you sure?” Master Sun asked.Gella knew that ship’s name by reputation alone. “What’s Chancellor Mollo’s ship doing out here?”"

With tensions high and the two sides on the brink of war yet again, Nattai decides to take matters into her own hands. The out-of-control E’roni ship is hurtling towards Eiram, with no one to stop it, but not for long.

"Before the plan had fully formed in her mind, Gella Nattai unbuckled her harness and hurried to the back of the ship, descended the ladder, and boarded one of the two starfighters. The thought of flying alone made the pit of her stomach squeeze unpleasantly, but she steadied her breath. Her own feelings didn’t matter, not when someone was crying out for help. After all, wasn’t that what they were there to do? Help. She punched in the controls to release the magnetic clamps, let the cockpit canopy pressurize shut."

Read the full excerpt from PRH.

The High Republic: Convergence arrives Nov. 22 and is available to pre-order now.