Where could Tales of the Jedi go next?

Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

Now that we’ve seen Tales of the Jedi the possibilities seem endless on where they could go for season two.

Star Wars animation fans rejoice! The long awaited and highly anticipated Tales of the Jedi has finally arrived on Disney+. We got to see favorites such Ashoka, Qui-Gonn and Dooku return. Of course having each episode release all at once has left us fans asking for more as soon as possible. Which begs the question, where could another season go?

Since this is an anthology series and the universe isn’t short on characters to play with we have a few ideas. Starting with something we got a glimpse of in the sequel trilogy. We were shown a small training montage of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa after The Return of the Jedi where Luke was training her in the Jedi ways. Having an episode dedicated to the trials he puts her through as well as their journey together prior to being separated can let us play with these characters one more time.

When we last saw Ezra Bridger he had sacrificed himself to pull Thrawn to unknown portions of the galaxy. In recent news we know that he will be back in the Ashoka series. Having that knowledge perhaps an episode or two in regards to what has happened since that moment aboard the ship could surprise fans. Either that or training moments between Ezra or Kanaan would be a welcome sight to see.

Finally, back to the sequel trilogy we go. Finn’s story in the sequel trilogy left a lot to be explored. Being an escaped stormtrooper turned force sensitive resistance leader is a story to be told. Spending time with Finn as a stormtrooper and showing not just the horrors we meet him with in The Force Awakens but going through training and building to that moment can add weight to an already deep character.

We are not short of tales to be seen. So tell us in the comments, what takes of the Jedi would you like to see?