Andor: Is Kleya the real Axis?

Kleya Marki. Image courtesy
Kleya Marki. Image courtesy /

Andor’s Kleya Marki is probably the most mysterious character in the show which is definitely a purposeful choice. Despite her constant presence in the series, we know so little about her outside of being Luthen Rael’s assistant. As we’re quickly coming up on Andor’s season finale, I thought it would be fun to do a bit of speculating on her and theorize why the creators are purposely withholding information about her.

Luthen’s codename given to him by the ISB is “Axis.” I have to wonder, though, if Kleya is the real Axis and actually the one in charge of the operation.

I’ve started to notice more and more how much power she has in the story. It’s Kleya that controls who speaks to Luthen and when. Sometimes, like in the case of meeting Vel after Aldhani, she handles the encounter herself. In the most recent episode “Daughter of Ferrix,” Kleya is the boundary between Vel speaking with Luthen once again. She refuses to give up information about where he might be.

There is also how she controls Luthen too. We’ve had a few examples of her reminding him of his place in this rebellion. When it seems like he’s going to start getting a moral compass, she squashes those notions to tell him of what needs to be done. He’s not allowed to backslide into feelings and emotions if she is in the room. Luthen worries about Cassian Andor as a loose end, so Kleya tells Vel to have Cassian killed. She seems to have a lot of power over Luthen and his feelings about the entire operation.

It could be her design to make it look like Luthen is the face of the operation. If Kleya is actually Axis, perhaps this is a way to protect her. He could take the fall if he’s caught while she goes on to continue their work. People in contact with Luthen like Mon Mothma or Vel appear to perceive Kleya as his assistant and nothing greater which could be the point. She’s hiding in plain sight for everyone.

There have also been several fan theories spinning around that Kleya is Luthen’s daughter. While I’m not personally subscribed to that idea because I don’t think everyone in Star Wars needs to be related, I think it’s an interesting notion. If it is revealed that Kleya is his daughter, it would shift Luthen’s role in the story. He presented her as the assistant and helper. If they’re caught, she probably wouldn’t take as hard of a fall from the Empire that Luthen would as a way to protect his daughter. It gives a lot more resonance with his speech to Lonni after learning that their ISB insider has a daughter of his own. Kleya would also be the Axis of Luthen’s world personally, the center of why he’s doing all of this to provide her with a better future. He takes on the crushing work to deny her of losing her soul, even though she’s the one pushing him into shushing his moral compass. But that’s just one theory.

I think when we find out who Kleya really is will be quite the bombshell. I really do see a scenario where she’s been the one pulling all of the strings for the entire show.

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