Andor, fans' attention has turned to the next &l..."/> Andor, fans' attention has turned to the next &l..."/>

The Bad Batch season 2 trailer could be coming soon

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath"
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath" /

After watching the thrilling conclusion to Andor, fans’ attention has turned to the next Star Wars project, Star Wars The Bad Batch season two. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the season, with a trailer released at Star Wars Celebrations. But a new trailer might be released sooner than we think

This season will pick up some time after the first season, and sees Cloneforce 99 come up against the Empire’s increased efforts to control the galaxy. A timeline hasn’t been given yet, but since the Empire still uses clones and Republic gunships it’s likely still close to Revenge of the Sith.

The trailer for the first season debuted on March 30 of 2021, with the first episode coming out on May 4, only a month and four days later. Lucasfilm might follow a similar pattern for this upcoming season, coming out on January 4. This would mean that a trailer could come out on November 30, which is very soon indeed.

Hopefully this trailer is slightly longer than the previous one, as that one was only around a minute long. Commander Cody is already confirmed to return to Star Wars after several years of being absent in the canon. The Bad Batch season two will hopefully give us answers to what happens to the Commander. Palpatine and Mas Amedda can also be seen, but why isn’t known yet.

A second trailer might give more context to Commander Cody’s purpose in the show, along with why the Bad Batch comes into conflict with Palpatine. The show will likely have a bigger scope, a trend that’s seen in The Mandalorian and Star Wars: Rebels. Andor season two will also have a bigger scope, looking at the growth of the Rebel Alliance across several years.

It’s important to stress that this is just a guess, but an informed guess based on previous trailer release patterns. If the trailer doesn’t come on November 30, then it likely won’t be far away. Marketing for the series is sure to begin soon. January 4 is coming up very soon, and a second trailer should come even sooner.

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