The Bad Batch dropped a new trailer and poster for Season 2

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage" - Omega
Star Wars: The Bad Batch - "Rampage" - Omega /

We are less than one month away from The Bad Batch, and Star Wars has graced us with both a new trailer and poster for the series.

Starting with the poster, it shows most of the main cast with Omega and Hunter taking the main focus with Tech, Echo, and Wrecker in between. Noticed that I said ‘most’ because one prominent member of the Bad Batch is missing being Crosshair. This is a choice that I’m sure is going to fuel a lot of discussion from the Crosshair fans, especially after the season one finale. His fate is very much up in the air. While he’s still with the Empire, his evil bosses turned their backs on him and left him to die on Kamino. The Crosshair storyline is one point in season two I can’t wait to see them tackle.

Turning to the new trailer, I dug around a bit on Twitter to find that this seems to be some of the trailer shown at Celebration with extra footage added to it. Shoutout to Mollie Damon from Star Wars Explained for clearing this up for me as I was not at Celebration.

The new trailer while packed with the antics and pew pews that The Bad Batch is known for, we do get to see some possible storylines as well. One of course is the previously mentioned Crosshair hanging out with Commander Cody. Cody is a big deal as he was not only one of the main clones in the Prequel Trilogy, but he was also Obi-Wan Kenobi’s clone commander. That’s a big name to drop into the series with the Captain Rex cameo.

It’s been previously confirmed that there will be a bit of a time jump for season two. We can see this with the updated designs for the adult Batch members, but also Omega with her hair longer. Another known factor is the return of Gungi from the youngling arc in Clone Wars. He was the massive surprise of the first trailer, and I’m here for him. What happened to the younglings in Clone Wars has always been a huge looming question mark. The logical reasoning is that their fate was probably pretty grim thanks to Order 66. Hopefully, we’ll finally get some real answers about what happened to that particular group of kids.

Finally, the other big cameos are Bail Organa and Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine was in the first teaser trailer for season two as we see him in the Imperial senate. Bail Organa is a newcomer though, which is exciting knowing his involvement with the Rebellion. I wonder if he’ll have some hesitation to working with the Bad Batch after how wary he was with clones in Tales of the Jedi.

Season two of The Bad Batch is coming up fast and it’s looking to be an action-packed season!

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