Revenge of the Sith: Would Yoda have won if he fought Anakin?

Star Wars joins Puzzle & Dragons – Sith and Jedi Battle through Exclusive Dungeons. Image courtesy GungHo Online Entertainment.
Star Wars joins Puzzle & Dragons – Sith and Jedi Battle through Exclusive Dungeons. Image courtesy GungHo Online Entertainment. /

All of us know and remember that infamous major battle that officially closed out the original trilogy, in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, between Obi-Wan Kenobi and a very dark Anakin Skywalker on the very fiery planet of Mustafar. But what if things were different? What if instead of Obi-Wan fighting Anakin, it was Master Yoda himself? Would he have won? What would’ve happened? How would the rest of the franchise played out?

We’re going to be diving  a little bit into the Battle on Mustafar between Anakin and Obi-Wan and then comparing what could’ve happened had Yoda taken Obi-Wan’s place.

In Revenge of the Sith, would Yoda have defeated Anakin during the epic ending battle? Or would things have remained the same? Let’s discuss!

Just think of all of the epic battles in the prequel trilogy movies: Obi-Wan and Qui Gon Jinn against Darth Maul, Mace Windu attempting to arrest evil Emperor Palpatine. Even if the slightest thing had been different, the whole entire franchise would be completely unrecognizable to what fans know and love today.

Throughout the first three movies, while Yoda and Anakin never really hated each other; they certainly didn’t have that loving and familiar bond as Anakin did with his master and teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi. But what would have happened if their paths crossed on Mustafar? Would it have been ugly? Boring-to-watch? Epic? Bloody? Quick and easy? Slow and agonizing?

At this point in the Star Wars franchise, Anakin Skywalker was very full of himself as he truly started to feel the dark side within him. Yoda is a tiny little fella and most people who turn to face him probably giggle as they think to themselves how easy battling him would be. Yoda, while far more experienced, trained, and Force-connected than Anakin, he was also upwards of 900 years old meaning the younger opponent has a better chance to last longer.

Upon doing some additional research, it’s known that they each used more offensive styles of a lightsaber, Djem So – Anakin (Form V) and Ataru – Yoda (Form IV). With them both being on the offensive side of things, they would basically just be nicely taking turns, that is until one tiny false move could make it game over, set and match for the other opponent.

Maybe if Yoda had won, Obi-Wan would’ve chosen not to go and find the Emperor to face him. Maybe they would’ve tried to find a safe place to hide as Jedi’s during this time were being killed left and right (hence, Order 66 playing out during this particular point in time.

If Yoda had won, what would the Emperor had done without the ever-so-powerful Darth Vader?

On the other hand, what if Anakin had won against Yoda? Without Yoda, Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have had all of those epic teaching lessons with the Master on the planet of Dagobah. He wouldn’t have had such a legendary teacher teaching him the ways of the Force. We also wouldn’t have had to ugly cry watching Yoda fade away as he says, “Rest, I Must.” Be right back, wiping my tears…again…

One of the main reasons why Yoda would’ve won against Anakin is simply because he was far better trained than him. Yoda could see the moves his opponents were going to make before they made them; therefore, battling against Anakin would’ve put him at a far heavier advantage. He easily without a doubt would have totally and completely weakened Skywalker with this trick.

Given that The Master oversaw Anakin’s teachings and skills-learning and raising  over at the Jedi Temple, he could’ve noticed and pointed out all his flaws, therefore making Yoda the better and much stronger opponent among those two.

He would’ve won that epic battle in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! Go, Yoda, Go!

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That’s a wrap on the analysis of the epic hypothetical battle between Master Yoda and Anakin Skywalker on the planet of Mustafar in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith!

What do you make of this analysis? Do you agree with us that Yoda would’ve kicked some serious Skywalker Butt? Let’s chat all about it down below and as always…May The Force Be With You ALL!