LEGO Star Wars: The 10 biggest sets to ever be released

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We’ve all been walking through Target’s endless toy aisles and been easily distracted by some really cool LEGO sets that are on display. Some of the coolest ones are the ones that are recreated from certain movies and/or TV shows. In particular, LEGO Star Wars sets are so popular that they’ve almost got as many cult followers as the movies themselves do.

We’re going to be diving into 10 of the biggest sets to be released by LEGO Star Wars…ever.

From higher prices to thousands upon thousands of pieces, let’s take a look at LEGO Star Wars’ biggest sets to be released to this day!

From Number 10 (the smallest biggest set) to Number 1 (the biggest set), here are the top 10!

10. Republic Gunship

Number of Pieces: 3,292

Original Price: $399.99

This set comes from Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002). However, this LEGO release only happened as a part of a legacy project back in 2021, nearly two decades later. This particular set is allowing super fans to essentially relive The Battle of Geonosis from the Clone Army.

9. Sandcrawler

Number of Pieces: 3,296

Original Price: $299.99

This set comes from Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). The Sandcrawler LEGO Star Wars set was originally released way back in 2014; it gave fans the chance to recreate such an iconic Star Wars vehicle; it comes with a few Jawa figurines, as well as Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2.

8. Death Star II

Number of Pieces: 3,441

Original Price: $269.99

This set comes from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983). It comes as the second version of the Death Star to come into the awesome LEGO universe back in 2005. It almost looks as if the Death Star, once you’re finished building it, looks unfinished…but no worries, that’s not the case!

7. Death Star

Number of Pieces: 3,803

Original Price: $399.99

This particular set doesn’t come from any one movie, just a bunch of them actually. The Death Star has become one of Star Wars’ most iconic items. Throughout this LEGO set originally released back in 2008, there are a number of different movie scenes that are built within the Death Star.

6. Death Star

Number of Pieces: 4,016

Original Price: $499.99

You’re probably wondering why we’ve talked about the Death Star LEGO set for a third time now. Well, back in 2016, so not that long ago, LEGO decided that they needed to update it’s 2008 version and increase the amount of pieces and price (by $100) in order to properly update it.

5. Imperial Star Destroyer

Number of Pieces: 4,784

Original Price: $699.99

This set comes from Episode IV: A New Hope (1977). In fact, not only is it from this movie in general, but it’s also in the opening scene of Episode 4, therefore making it one of the first things that fans saw from a Star Wars movie ever. The 2019 model is in the top 10 biggest sets to build!

4. Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

Number of Pieces: 5,197

Original Price: $499.99

This set is set to resemble and recreate Han Solo’s iconic ship and was released back in 2007. It is one of two different Millennium Falcon LEGO sets to be released. This one has over 5,000 pieces to top the charts! It’s one of Star Wars’ most iconic modes of transportation in franchise history!

3. The Razor Crest

Number of Pieces: 6,187

Original Price: $599.99

This set comes from Season 1 of The Mandalorian (2019). This particular set, made to recreate what Din Djarin eventually got his hands on in Mando, was released just last year back in 2022, so one of the most recent releases on this list! I justcan’t imagine how long this one takes to build!

2. AT-AT Walker

Number of Pieces: 6,785

Original Price: $849.99

This set first comes from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) where we initially see them on the snow planet of Hoth. This was originally released just two short years ago back in 2021 as one of the company’s biggest sets to be released of ever, and that’s what we’re here to talk about!

1. Millennium Falcon

Number of Pieces: 7,541

Original Price: $849.99

This set, while it doesn’t stem from any one movie in particular, it does stem from one of Star Wars’ most iconic move items literally ever. This set in particular was originally released back in 2017 and ties the AT-AT Walker set for the highest price on our list right here!

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That’s a wrap on the analysis of the top 10 BIGGEST LEGO sets to be released…ever!

Have you ever built a LEGO Star Wars set before? If so, which one, how long did it take you, and would you ever do it again? Let’s chat about it down in the comments below and as always…May The Force Be With You ALL!