5 things we loved from the new Mandalorian trailer

The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus
The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus /

After many long months of waiting, we finally have a new trailer for the third season of The Mandalorian. Premiering on Disney+ March 1st, continuing the journey of Din Djarin and Grogu from where we last saw them in The Book of Boba Fett, season three promises a trip back to Mandalore, encounters with more Mandalorians, and of course the return of old friends. Here are five things we loved about the new trailer.

1.  More Mandalorians!

Last season gave us a look at Mandalorians outside of Dins group, more specifically we got to catch up with Bo Katan and see what she has been up to since Star Wars rebels. This trailer promises plenty more Mandalorian action. We get a few shots of several different Mandalorian clans gathered together and a few Mandalorians leaping into battle.

2. Return to Coruscant and Mandalore

Though seen only through a brief glimpse, we are given our first look at live-action Coruscant since Revenge of the Sith. Traveling back to the former galactic capital is very exciting and gives the feeling that some major galaxy-shaking events are going to happen there. We see Dr. Pershing is present so perhaps we will be learning more about why Grogu is so special.

3. Familiar Faces

This trailer re-introduces us to so many fan-favorite characters from the series. Greef Karga is back and thriving on what appears to be a much-improved Nevarro. We get a glimpse of Peli Motto and even Carson Teva, the New Republic officer who Din has encountered a few times before. He is seen warning someone about a growing danger in the galaxy. However, there are some characters not seen in the trailer, such as Bo Katan, though we already know she will be returning.

4. Exciting Starfighter Chace

Toward the end of the trailer, we get to see an exciting chase scene where a Mandalorian fighter is fleeing from several tie interceptors. Star Wars has always been able to provide exciting starship sequences so this has me excited. Additionally, I’m looking forward to seeing more of what Din’s new starfighter can do.

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5. “This is the Way”

The trailer ends with Grogu floating along in his pod and coming face to face with some kind of creature. The screen cuts to black and returns a second later with the creature flying backward and Grogu’s hand reaching out. At this point, it seems like he has really tapped into his force abilities. He can protect himself now! This has me excited for all of the Grogu action we are going to get this season.

After a trailer, this exciting it’s a shame that we will have to wait until March 1st to reunite with our friends Din and Grogu. That day can’t come soon enough.

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