It’s time to show us the darksaber heist

Long ago (yes, in a galaxy far, far away), a Mandalorian Jedi named Tarre Vizsla created the first and only darksaber. The Jedi kept it in their temple when he died. One day, a group of Mandalorians showed up to take it back.

The full story of this heist has yet to be portrayed in Star Wars — it only gets a brief mention in Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 15: “Trials of the Darksaber.”

It deserves its own story. The time has come.

Crafted from beskar (“Mandalorian iron”) and a one-of-a-kind weapon, the darksaber is the most sought-after artifact among the members of the Mandalorian civilization (or what’s left of it, depending on the time period … too soon?).

Whoever wields the blade is deemed the rightful ruler of Mandalore. It’s as powerful as a symbol as it is a lightsaber. Which is why the Mandalorians couldn’t let the Jedi keep it for themselves.

What sort of planning went into this event? Was it actually a heist, or did the Mandalorians — as they do — burst in and fight for what they wanted? How many didn’t survive the ordeal — and did the Jedi ever try to get the darksaber back? Why did they keep it in the first place? We need to know. Specifically, I need to know. Desperately.

Andor has proven once and for all that Star Wars heists leave plenty of room for thrilling, intense stories in this universe. Even if you know they succeed in the end — the darksaber did eventually end up back in the hands of the Mandalorians who set out to retrieve it — how they got from point A to point B is a story a lot of fans would love and appreciate.

Whether we get this story on screen, in a future Star Wars comic, in a book or otherwise, it’s too good to leave solely as part of a larger story. This event changed everything for the Jedi and for Mandalore. It deserves to be told in full.

It’s time.

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