Star Wars Visions Volume 2 release date revealed

Star Wars: Visions. Image courtesy
Star Wars: Visions. Image courtesy /

The long-awaited Volume 2 of Star Wars Visions finally has a release date of May 4th, Star Wars Day, on Disney+.

The Emmy Award-nominated first season premiered on Disney+ back in September 2021 and consisted of nine short films from different Japanese animation studios. Each short told a different story set in the Star Wars universe and while they are not considered canon, they certainly gave us a lot of interesting new perspectives on Star Wars.

Now Disney+ and Lucasfilm have announced that the second volume of shorts will be premiering on May 4, 2023. This volume will also consist of nine shorts from nine different studios, each showcasing their country’s unique animation style. Via their official Twitter account here is a list of the nine studios.

The post doesn’t 100 percent specify this but we can assume that like volume one, all nine shorts will release at the same time. With the first volume being such a success, hopefully, the same will be true for volume two and perhaps we could see even more Visions later down the line.

Star Wars Visions introduced fans of the franchise to a whole new way of looking at the universe, its core messages, and the themes most valued around the world.  The release of the first season was even closely followed by a novel based on the first short “The Duel.” Ronin is the only Star Wars “canon” novel to date that is set in an alternate Star Wars universe, blurring the line between actual canon and something that will likely be further explored in the series’ second volume of episodes coming later this spring.

Star Wars Visons Volume 2 starts streaming May 4, only on Disney+.

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