Star Wars: Visions remembered: The Elder

"The Elder." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
"The Elder." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

With season two of Star Wars: Visions coming in 2023, I wanted to look back at each short from season one and celebrate why they’re great. This is Visions Remembered.

The Elder is Studio Trigger’s second entry for Star Wars: Visions season one. Paired with The Twins, it does a fantastic job showing the studio’s range from bonkers crazy high octane anime battles to this episode, which is slower, methodical, and focuses on one of the core stories of Star Wars which is the relationship between a Jedi Master and his padawan.

Looking back, this is the only episode of Visions that focuses on the traditional relationship of the Jedi. There are found families or adopted parents in Visions. But because The Elder is structured in a more traditional way focusing on the Jedi, it’s actually quite unique compared to the other shorts because of this. It’s why it feels that Tajin Crosser and Dan G’Vash could fit anywhere in canon. If these two walked into a High Republic book to hang out with Bell Zettifar and Loden Greatstorm or teamed up in the Prequel era with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, I wouldn’t question it in the least. It gives this episode a very timeless feel to it.

I adore The Elder. It’s actually my second favorite episode of Visions season one, and the short that I’ve personally watched the most. I was trying to figure out what it was about this episode that drew me to it so much. Granted, some of it is for fanfic reasons as I write about these two Jedi in the previously mentioned High Republic era. But even before that, I think it’s the simplicity of Dan and Tajin’s relationship that pulls me to it.

They are a Star Wars story told over and over again with a bit of a twist. Dan is the best boy! He’s eager to show off his abilities and wants grand adventures. Still, he never loses his heart of kindness. Reaching out to the children of the village, Dan gains their trust in a playful way to connect with them. Tajin might seem like a regular Jedi master on the surface, but his dry humor cuts through in those opening scenes. He gives his padawan a lot of freedom to grow, showing how much their relationship is built on trust. He truly cares for Dan, sensing that his padawan has been cut down by the mysterious Sith elder. Not once does Tajin lose himself to rage. A paragon Jedi, Tajin uses his patience and skills to best his enemy. It’s not about brute strength. He bides his time allowing for a key moment for Dan to assist his master. Tajin and Dan succeed because of their trust in each other. They are very much an ideal duo.

The Sith Elder is a fantastic character too. I love the deception that he appears to be some old man. At first glance, Dan should be able to overpower him. But that’s the point. The Elder is hiding behind his appearance to reveal his true strength when Tajin arrives. Even Tajin admits that it was time that beat the Sith Elder, not him. He doubts he would have bested the old man if he was younger.

We have our own personal strengths, we’re better off building ourselves in a community than on our own. The Sith Elder was selfish and out for his own power. Tajin and Dan had each other which was the greater strength. It’s a good lesson that all things rise and fall. Nothing is permanent so we must make the best use of the time we have. We can spend it selfishly like the Elder and die alone. Or we can use it wisely with those we love to gain our own unique power together.

The Elder is also the episode that really plays the most with ambiance too. The soundtrack is not very long with the entire score added up to only 5 minutes and 35 seconds. This short relies more on sound effects or silence to help tell its story which is a bold choice.

I really love The Elder, and I desperately want Dan and Tajin to come back in canon at some point. I’m eagerly awaiting the manga adaptation to come to the US because I need more of these characters in my life. I hope to see them one day roaming the hallways of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant with all the other Jedi I love.

Next up on Visions Remembered is a bit of a first for Star Wars: having a Lepi onscreen which is super cool! We’ll dive into the found family story of Lop and Ochō next time.

Star Wars: Visions is exclusively on Disney Plus. Season two will air in spring 2023.