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Andor writers must find way to bring Jyn Erso back

Photo: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jyn Erso. Copyright: 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™, All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Jyn Erso. Copyright: 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™, All Rights Reserved. /

Filming on Andor Season 2 is well underway in the UK. According to, Diego Luna recently flew to London to resume filming for the show after being on a break as other actors shot for their parts.

Actress Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) has expressed her interest in the past about possibly returning to play the character again. Jyn Erso is a fan favorite, and during Andor Season 1, there was a lot of discussion between fans on how exciting it would be if the writers managed to bring her back for  Season 2. Of course, this requires some careful planning by the writers to avoid breaking canon.

Let’s have a look at 3 reasons why Jyn Erso should be brought back for Andor Season 2.

Jyn is one of the most popular female characters in Star Wars.

Rogue One was a huge hit and in the years since the film’s release, fans have only grown to love it even more. Jyn had a powerful character arc in the film, and fans watched only part of the journey that led her to where she was in life when the film begins. Although it’s wonderful that Cassian has his own backstory, being told masterfully in Andor, Jyn is the other half of that story in many ways and what they accomplished in Rogue One may not have been possible if both hadn’t worked together. Besides, it seems quite likely the construction of the Death Star will have to be covered in Season 2, and that probably means Jyn’s dad Galen Erso will play an important role at some point as well. After all, Galen was the scientist behind its design. So if he’s there, it makes sense to show his beloved Stardust as well. Moreover, Saw Gerrera has already played a key role in Andor Season 1, and it’s possible he will be seen again prominently in Season 2, so to focus on Saw and not even give a glimpse of his adoptive daughter Jyn doesn’t make much sense.

It’s now or never.

Diego Luna got to return and play a 25 year old Cassian Andor, even though he’s over 40 years old in real life. However, Jyn was only 21 years old in Rogue One, and any prequel series about Jyn will show her at an even younger age, so it seems unlikely Felicity Jones can portray that character in a prequel series that focuses on Jyn Erso, without some de-aging technology being involved. However, since Andor jumps a few years ahead in Season 2, it may be possible for Felicity to portray Jyn again.

Cassian and Jyn are mirrors of one another and it would compliment Cassian’s story.

Diego Luna has gone on record about the similarities between the two characters. He went as far as to say that Cassian sees himself in Jyn. Throughout Andor, we can find similarities between these two characters even though Jyn isn’t actually present. The losses they suffer at the hands of the Empire, the way they’re both tragically responsible, directly or indirectly, for building the Death Star, and how the loss of their parents fuels their rage against the Empire, are just some of their striking similarities. In Rogue One, it is easy for them to quickly reconcile with their differences once they begin to see all that they have in common. Eventually, their connection becomes quite strong, even romantic, some might argue, and they’re able to achieve the impossible and help save the galaxy from unimaginable catastrophe. While it’s obviously not canonically possible for Cassian and Jyn to meet each other in Andor Season 2, that doesn’t mean that Jyn can’t have her own plot running parallel to Cassian’s, leading them both from the end of Season 2, right into the beginning of Rogue One. The writers of Andor also seem fully capable of handling multiple characters at once, so working on a character like Jyn  is definitely something they can pull off convincingly.

What are your thoughts on Jyn Erso? Do you think she should be brought back?

Andor Season 2 continues to film and is likely to be released sometime in 2024.