The plus and minus of seeing Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

(L-R): Echo, Captain Rex, Omega, Wrecker, Hunter, and, Tech in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 2 exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R): Echo, Captain Rex, Omega, Wrecker, Hunter, and, Tech in a scene from "STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH", season 2 exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved. /

There’s been another sighting of Captain Rex in the latest episodes of The Bad Batch – and who would ever be mad about that? Well, there’s some positives that come along with Rex, and one resounding negative, unfortunately. What could possible be bad about seeing the captain return in The Bad Batch episodes 7 and 8?

The Bad Batch episode 7, “The Clone Conspiracy,” and episode 8, “Truth and Consequences,” are dripping with a feeling of being present within The Clone Wars. Star Wars fans find themselves locked within the Galactic Senate as Vice Admiral Rampart, voiced by Noshir Dalal, tries to push through legislation to build a new army, while ridding the galaxy of its clone soldiers. Much like the original series, there’s more happening beneath the surface yet to be uncovered.

How does The Bad Batch feel like The Clone Wars with Captain Rex?

Captain Rex, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, was a vital part in The Clone Wars. He’s the one many clone troopers (and fans) turn to when looking for great leadership. Rex’s foundation in The Clone Wars movie and subsequent series provides this overall sense of a world where the Senate plays a huge part in deciding the fates of everyone. Regardless of whether the Emperor manipulates the situation to his benefit or not, seeing Captain Rex in The Bad Batch is an immediate callback to the original animated series.

Along with seeing senators fighting to do the right thing, Captain Rex comes in to rescue a clone who is being targeted by an assassin. Although he’s too late to save the day, his experience is needed to help Senator Riyo Chuchi, voiced by Jennifer Hale, expose Rampart and his orders to destroy Kamino and subvert any possibility of producing more clones. Rex asks the Bad Batch for help in Coruscant, bringing these characters back into the Galactic Empire’s fold.

If fans have learned anything, Rex and the newly beloved characters within The Bad Batch are looking to do what’s right. The clones do not have any representation in the Senate, which means there aren’t any plans to provide for them once their military service is over. Although many clones want to stay in military service, their time is coming to an end and looking to the future is an all-new perspective for them. Unfortunately, their creation as “disposable creatures” leads to a vital flaw when it comes to trying to change that narrative – and the Sith Lord exposes this.

Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy
Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy /

How do we not see the Emperor’s plans, again, as he pulls out another victory?

It’s quite satisfying to see Captain Rex return. It’s truly a relief to see him in The Bad Batch knowing he will survive through the course of both episodes. Star Wars doesn’t promise anyone a long life, so having that knowledge is a reason to be brimming with happiness. Although, it’s fair to say his presence might also make it easier to realize the Emperor has once again pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Despite doing the right thing, exposing Rampart for his brutal assault on Kamino and siphoning funds illegally, the end result does not warrant celebration. Captain Rex and the other characters do what they set out to do: They proved Rampart was a villain. Unbeknownst to them, the Emperor was there to come in and highlight his own treachery. The attack on Kamino exposes Rampart, but it also exposes that the clones blindly followed orders.

The Dark Lord points out this flaw of the clones, offering his opinion on building a new mighty force that can be trusted to do the “right” thing. This devastating realization does not shock Rex – leading viewers (or at least this one) to not be surprised as the Emperor wins again. All of these pieces coming together present these two episodes of The Bad Batch as if they were another extension of The Clone Wars series.

Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy
Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy /

How could Captain Rex appearing in The Bad Batch be a bad thing?

We make it through both episodes 7 and 8 before realizing something awful. Viewers are literally only minutes from seeing the end credits – and you do this to fans, Rex? It’s clear Rex is fighting the long game, trying to rebel against the Empire. With the clones being tossed to the curb like garbage, he needs help now more than ever.

The following conversation, and Omega coming to understand what’s happening, is heartbreaking:

"Hunter: “Wherever you end up, remember what I said.”Wrecker: “Don’t get into trouble without us.”Omega: “Without us?”Tech: “Best of luck, Echo.”Omega: “Luck with what?”Echo: “I’m going with Rex.”"

Watching this interaction between Echo and Omega is moving, further highlighting how incredibly attached we’ve become with The Bad Batch and its characters. It’s clear Echo wants to help clones, especially after surviving his own torture. He wants to help those in need, and listening to Omega say, “We need you too,” is heart wrenching – and their embrace as she gives him a hug is what gives this series its own feel away from Captain Rex and The Clone Wars.

Yes, these characters started their journey in that other series, but that conversation between Omega and Echo is all one needs to know when talking about great television. Echo had become an integral part of the team and watching Omega’s sadness over his departure leads to the very reason seeing Rex again is a gigantic negative.

How dare you, Rex, take away Echo from us?!

What did you think of The Bad Batch episodes 7 and 8? Were you happy to see Captain Rex? Do you find relief knowing he’ll make it out alive? Were you also heartbroken to see Omega’s reaction to Echo’s departure? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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