Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 9 review : “The Crossing”


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 9, “The Crossing.”

In this new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, we go back to the adventurous missions that the crew is sent on by their mercenary boss, Cid. They are sent on a mission to a mine that was purchased to uncover an explosive mineral called Ipsium and run into quite a few obstacles in the process. As the unexpected obstacles slow their path we have time to reflect on Echo’s leaving.

A New Planet and Ipsium

The Bad Batch explores different planets and is opening up the Star Wars universe more than what we have seen in the past. This new planet, while not named,  is no exception for an interesting site when they land on it. With its rising canyons and mining camps, it brings us back to the old western outlook that we all know and love. It appears to also have very few inhabitants including poachers that steal the crew’s ship while they are deep in the mines. With the episode ending with a cliffhanger, we hope that we get to see more of this desolate planet in the future.

Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy
Truth and Consequences – The Bad Batch. Image courtesy /

A Deeper Lesson

In the previous episode, Echo decided to go separate ways from the others and work with Rex on what we hope is the future rebellion. With his sudden disembarkment, Omega has left grieving for her crew no longer feeling like a family. We begin to see her relationship with Tech grow as he does his usual over analyzation of situations and cold statements of facts. As Omega goes off on her own with her thoughts of her depleting family, Tech is confronted with his handling of her emotions. As Tech and Omega get caught up in another set of problems, they learn to understand each other and their forms of adjusting to change. In the words of Tech when Omega questions why he seems unbothered by Echo leaving, “I may process moments and thoughts differently, but it does not mean I feel any less than you.”

Final Thoughts

This episode, while not full of fights against the Empire or big cameos, really dives into the relationships of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. You see a more vulnerable side of them that you don’t see in other episodes. It is an important and necessary episode to build up the characters and make them more relatable to the watcher. It sets up the future of the crew which may grow or shrink. But, even though there are fewer in it now, to us they seem even closer than before.

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