The Mandalorian season 3 predictions

The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus
The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus /

The adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu continue on March the 1st! That’s right Star Wars fans, after more than two years, the premier live action Star Wars show is back on our consoles and set top boxes. With season 3 of The Mandalorian so tantalizingly close, we here at Dork Side of the Force decided we’d ruin all the fun and tell you good folks what we think will happen before it happens. Here is a run down of some predictions for the upcoming season.

The force is strong with this one

This is an obvious one. I don’t think anyone doubts that we’ll be seeing some spectacular new force powers from the young(ish) Grogu. Even after abandoning the Jedi ways in favor of his makeshift tribe, the tiny crowd favorite is sure to learn plenty all by himself. After all, the galaxy is a dangerous place and there is no greater teacher than experience. Just don’t expect him to tear down any Star Destroyers from orbit any time soon.

This means war!

With the ownership of the Darksaber still up in the air and the teaser trailer showing us the ruins of the Mandalorian home-world, we could be about to witness a major escalation as Bo-Katan Kryze seeks to reunite the shattered warrior culture of Mandalore. How Din Djarin will feel about these ambitions is anyone’s guess.

A familiar blue face

After this new season, the next item on the slate will be Ahsoka. Season 2 of The Mandalorian included a short preview of The Book of Boba Fett meaning that the next live action series could receive a similar treatment. The wayward Jedi may indeed make an appearance of some sort but another possibility could be that of her adversary she mentioned by name in season 2, none other than Grand Admiral Thrawn.

And now for a silly one

Greef Karga will get an even nicer suit

As per tradition. Every time Greef Karga (played by the brilliant Carl Weathers) makes an appearance he seems to have given himself a promotion. His suits become more ornate by the day. So, here’s hoping that the High Magistrate is now adorned with more sashes and badges than a South American dictator.

Next. A night at the orchestra with John Williams. dark

What are your predictions for the new season of The Mandalorian? Let us know in the comments below! For all things Star Wars, head on over to Dork Side of the Force!