Top 7 most exciting moments in The Mandalorian (so far)

The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus
The Mandalorian chapter 14 - Disney Plus /

The Mandalorian Season 3 is just over a week away now and we are super excited about that! There have been so many happy moments, sad moments, exciting moments, and even some scary and intense moments as well during the show’s 2 season history.

Here, we are going to go over the seven best moments in the show’s history. Whether that’s meeting an adorable character for the first time, tying in some of the films’ greatest moments, epic fight scenes, or all else in between, we’re going to cover it all, so stay tuned!

In no particular order, here are the top 7 moments from The Mandalorian thus far:

1. Meeting Baby Yoda

Where Is This From?: S1, Ep1

Star Wars shows coming to Disney
Star Wars shows coming to Disney /

Like many, I wasn’t expecting to see a tiny version of one of the Star Wars franchise’s most iconic characters. One of my favorite things about him, actually, are those puny little hairs on the top of his head and the way that his little teeth show when his mouth is even just a tiny bit open. This moment in the show was so beautifully shown when we first saw his little head emerge from his space pod. I also don’t care what anyone says: I will always call him Baby Yoda. It just sticks!

2. Baby Yoda Enjoying His Soup

Where Is This From?: S1, Ep4

Okay, so this moment in the show was super quick, but definitely had enough time to be hilarious and stick around in everyone’s minds as something that they will always remember from the show when it’s over. It happened when The Mandalorian found Cara Dune at a ‘restaurant’ and low and behold, they eventually start to get into a tussle. Baby Yoda takes it upon himself to sip his soup and enjoy the show. He eventually catches the attention of both Mando and Dune, earning tons of laughs from people watching at home. This scene has now become a super popular meme.

3. First Signs of Baby Yoda Using the Force (Mudhorn)

Where Is This From?: S1, Ep2

Of course, as I’m sure many of us thought once we saw Baby Yoda first appear, we were sort of expecting some sort of Force-related element come up in his life at some point. But were we expecting it within the first episode? Nope, not one single little bit. Enter the Mudhorn. He begins to lunge at The Mandalorian, then all of a sudden he stops. The camera pans to Mando who seems scared and confused. Then the camera pans to Baby Yoda who has his cute and tiny little hand out using the Force. This is quite possibly one of the cutest moments in the show’s history. It also tired him out and he pretty quickly seemed to ‘pass out’. We see more of his Force use later in the show.

4. Ahsoka Tano & Baby Yoda

Where Is This From?: S2, Ep3

We first see Ahsoka Tano show up in The Mandalorian when she first begins fighting with Mando with both of her super bad a** bright, stark white lightsabers. After their fights seems to cool down just a bit, Mando takes Tano over to Baby Yoda. Here, within these particular scenes, we first learn of Baby Yoda’s real name, Grogu, which none of us fans want to call him. We also see Tano attempting to train and help Baby Yoda control his use of the Force better. It all starts with that tiny metal ball that Baby Yoda is absolutely obsessed with. There are many cute moments with Baby Yoda and the metal ball throughout the show’s first and second seasons!

5. Boba Fett Showing Up

Where Is This From?: S2, Ep5

The Book of Boba Fett
The Book of Boba Fett /

I don’t really think that anyone had expected to see Fett show up in The Mandalorian in general. When we first were teased with him showing up, I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, we first saw his helmet unburied from the sand during the closing scene(s) of S2, Ep4. Episode ends and we’re left wondering what that could’ve possibly meant until the following week when Ep5 came out. The way he slayed those troopers and blew up the troop ship to absolute smitehrines, just proved that even a more grizzly version of this bad a** character is still a character to love!

6. The Mandalorian Removes His Helmet

Where Is This From?: S2, Ep7

Now appearing in a super cool show called The Last Of Us, as inspired by the seriously beloved video game of all time, Pedro Pascal was one character that I personally never expected to see his full face. According to legend, Mandalorians, like him, aren’t permitted to remove their helmets, especially during missions for anyone else to see. However, when trying to put in a super special code somewhere, he removes his helmet, and much to my surprise, they actually show his face! While I was truly hoping that if and when that moment happened, that it would be something more epic like saving Baby Yoda’s life, I still enjoyed that moment to its fullest core nonetheless.

7. Luke Skywalker Saves Baby Yoda

Where Is This From?: S2, Ep8

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi /

This particular moment happened during the last episode that we’ve seen from The Mandalorian, that’s right, the super epic season finale of S2! Luke swoops in to save Baby Yoda, long story short, and it’s definitely something that us Mando and Star Wars fans alike will absolutely never forget! It was super weird to see him talking to current characters, such as The Mandalorian himself, but nonetheless, his cute little self made an epic and unforgettable appearance for the books!

BONUS MOMENT: Seeing The Darksaber & Moff Gideon

I personally cannot write a piece on the coolest moments in the show’s history without talking about the Darksaber. Particularly that evil guy named Moff Gideon, who personally would make me s*** myself should I ever come in contact with him on any sort of planet. For a brief moment, Mando actually owns the lightsaber and is in a constant battle to keep it out of Gideon’s hands. Hopefully we see more of this epic and scary stuff in the third season, so here’s to hoping!

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Phew! That’s a wrap on the Top 7 Moments from The Mandalorian thus far! Can’t wait for S3!

What do you make of this list of the Top 7 Moments from Mando history thus far? Did we miss any or skip your most favorites? Let’s talk about all of that and so so much more down in the comments down below! And as always…….May The Force Be With You ALL!!