13 best and cutest Baby Yoda moments in The Mandalorian

The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, season two. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

Not that I’m counting at all, but we are officially 5 weeks and 2 days away from the premiere episode of The Mandalorian Season 3 being released! How exciting! I am so ready for some more Mando and Baby Yoda content that my heart just simply can’t take it (no exaggeration there)!

We’ve already touched on what the official trailer brought to us, as well as some of the best moments in the show’s history. But today, let’s focus on Baby Yoda and why he’s so awesome!

In no particular order, since we just simply cannot choose one, here are the Top 13 Best and Cutest moments from Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian:

1. Baby Yoda sipping his soup

This one’s a classic. Of course it had to be talked about here because Grogu does something that we all thought to do in our heads, should we have been there instead of him. During a fight between Cara Dune and Mando, Grogu takes it upon himself to sit back, enjoy the show, and of course, slurp his soup. If this one doesn’t make you laugh or smile, then I don’t know what will…

2. Eating all of the ‘eggs’ on board the ship

Talk about another classic over here. Grogu and Mando pick up this frog-looking creature from another planet (sorry, I forgot which one) and she boards their ship with a container of her eggs. Well, folks, Baby Yoda gets pretty hungry and proceeds to eat nearly all of them, minus one or two. He seems happy about it, but does get into just a smidge of trouble with his handler Mando.

3. Snuggling up with Mando

After finishing up their business with the frog-like creature lady, it’s time to sleep aboard their ship. Well, both Grogu and Mando have had quite the long day filled with some pretty epic battles and fights alike. What does Grogu want the most? All he wants to do after a long, hard day is to snuggle up with his best buddy, Mando. And it’s oh so cute that we just can’t contain ourselves!

4. His obsession with the ‘forbidden’ metal ball

This particular moment or scene doesn’t just happen in one episode; it actually happens across multiple episodes, actually in multiple seasons as well. He is always playing with it, but is constantly being told to put it down or to not play with it by Mando. Baby Yoda doesn’t care – it’s his most favorite toy that he actually ends up training with later on in Season 2 with Ahsoka Tano.

5. Baby Yoda’s reaction to Mando saying his real name for the first time

Mando is quite surprised to learn that Baby Yoda actually has a name, which he learns from Ahsoka Tano out in Season 2. When he calls his name,  Grogu, and the tiny little cutie turns his head and grunts, it makes Mando laugh and smile, to which he continues to do so time after time, getting him to do almost anything that he wants him to, provided he uses his real name, that is.

6. When Baby Yoda goes to ‘school’

First of all, we never really hear too much about schools in the franchise, besides the Jedi school of learning of course. However, when Baby Yoda is essentially brought to school to be babysat, as well as learn more about The Force, as well as galaxy history, he takes it upon himself to sit in that big desk. All we see is his cutie little head with those tiny baby hairs sticking up on it – adorable!

7. Baby Yoda closing his pod when he got scared

This particular moment doesn’t happen and make a lasting impact, so to say. It happens to quickly that if you were to blink or leave the room for even just a super split second, you’re bound to miss it. During some sort of battle that Mando took Baby Yoda along for the ‘ride’ for, he gets scared and proceeds to close his little pod so he doesn’t have to watch. Same, kid, same…….

8. When he uses The Force to steal a kid’s snack and pays for it later

Obviously we all know what happens when you eat too much. Sometimes you get an upset tummy. Well, apparently Grogu doesn’t quite understand that whole entire concept yet. At school, he uses his Force-related abilities to steal the snack cookies from the kid next to him’s desk. He took the rest of them on the ship with him, and ended up spewing all over himself after a bumpy ride! Cute, but we certainly hope that he learned his lesson with that one!

9. When the octopus ‘broth’ attacks his face

When dining at a restaurant together, Mando and Grogu get served what looks to be some sort of soup (surprise, surprise, am I right?). Well, anyways, when Baby Yoda looks into his bowl, he sees what looks to be a baby octopus in there. He looks too closely for the baby octopus’ liking, and he attacks Grogu’s cute little face. Mando tells him to stop playing with his food and move on with it.

10. Him and Mando sipping broth on their ship

Apparently these two seem to have one favorite thing that they like to do together…sip on some sort of soup or broth. After a long day, it’s meal time finally! What do Mando and Grogu munch and chomp down on? Well soup or some sort of broth, of course! This particular scene ends with both of them sitting on some sort of crate on the ship, sipping their meals – adorably cute 1 million%!

11. Baby Yoda meeting Ahsoka Tano

This happens well towards the end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian (we cannot wait to see even more of their potential interactions out in The Mandalorian Season 3 as well). Ahsoka attempts to train Baby Yoda and see where their sweet interactions, followed by expert teachings, can take them. Ahsoka Tano is one bad a** woman and the most perfect to teach Grogu ‘the way’, right?!

12. Baby Yoda getting angry at Moff Gideon’s Storm Troopers

One thing is for certain: do not by any and all sort of circumstances get Grogu angry or upset. Upon getting captured by Moth Gideon’s own line and army of Strom Troopers, he is stuck in a little holding cell or mini sort of ‘prison cell’ if you will. When the troopers enter, he uses all of his Force abilities to rip them to shreds and throw them around. He gets super tired, though after doing this, and while that was all good, well, and kinda cute, Moff Gideon does seemingly take advantage of Baby Yoda afterwards. Poor little guy!

13. Trying to heal Mando after numerous injuries

When it comes to caring for those around him, both Mando and Grogu really do seem to have a heart; however, Grogu’s in particular come to play during the show’s second season when Mando gets a pretty nasty cut following an intense battle on one of the most famous Star Wars-related sand planet(s). Grogu sneaks up behind him and tries to heal him with The Force (OMFG what)?!

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That’s a wrap on The Mandalorian’s best Baby Yoda-related moments!

Who’s the most excited for The Mandalorian Season 3 much like myself? What do you make of this list of the best Grogu moments? If we missed anything or any other moments to touch on, please do so and let us know down in the comments down below! And as always…….May The Force Be With You ALL!