The Bad Batch: Kiner brothers tease emotional finale

Truth and Consequences - The Bad Batch. Image courtesy
Truth and Consequences - The Bad Batch. Image courtesy /

The Bad Batch midseason was a massive high for the series with the episodes “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth and Consequences.” All season long, Kevin Kiner along with his sons Dean and Sean have composed a fantastic score for the show, and these two episodes were no exceptions.

After the midseason, the Twitter account for Dean and Sean, Kiner Brothers Music, tweeted out a joke about the episodes. It was the Who Killed Hannibal? meme from The Eric Andre Show featuring Palpatine as the star.

In the replies below, Twitter user Kyle Tonarella asked the brothers, “Why do I get the feeling you guys are gonna do worse when the season finale comes around?”

The Kiner Brothers then answered, “That is the correct feeling.”

While we don’t know which of the brothers answered this, my hype levels just shot through the roof when I saw this. “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth and Consequences” were emotional, groundbreaking episodes for The Bad Batch. Not only did it change the fabric of Star Wars showing how and why the clones get phased out, but it was also a major character episode with the current departure of Echo. Already his absence is being felt as the Batch was a bit of a mess in the following episode, “The Crossing.” Echo really is a major stabilizing force for the team.

Looking at fan Kyle’s phrasing in this tweet, the “gonna do worse” is more than likely being taken as “this is going to wreck fans’ hearts and blow our minds.” The tease that the finale is going to be bigger and better than this midseason has me incredibly excited to see what happens next.

Also, I can’t wait to hear what Kevin, Dean, and Sean have up their sleeves music-wise. The Bad Batch season two soundtrack for episodes 1-8 just dropped on Spotify too, and if their music is as great as the first half of the season, we’re in for a real treat!

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