Nevarro: An embodiment of the progress Mandalore deserves

Ever since Nevarro got rid of the “scum and villainy” that infested it, the planet has gone through quite a renaissance. High Magistrate Greef Karga has a lot to do with that progress. Once a dump full of shady characters, now it’s known as the “Gem of the Outer Rim”, and a major trade route of the Hydian Way. The changes are easily observable. The planet is thriving. There are bustling markets and even a school. There’s law and order, money to be made, and it’s a great place to settle down and do business.

In Chapter 17, “The Apostate”, fans got another look at the planet which has made steady progress along with Greef Karga’s rising status all the way to High Magistrate. These two things are interlinked, and he’s done a lot to help achieve them. Nevarro is a symbol of what happens when something broken is rebuilt in the Star Wars world. A lot of worlds have been ravaged in Star Wars, but they’ve rarely been shown coming back from the destruction.

Naboo struggled after the fall of The Republic, and its people lived in shame over the role played by one of their own in the breaking down of Democracy. Mandalore has been destroyed, Scarif was almost entirely blown up, Ryloth suffered during The Clone Wars and Alderaan was wiped out entirely, so it’s nice to see a planet with peace and prosperity.

Is Nevarro foreshadowing Mandalore’s future and will Mandalore eventually recover its old glory? It was once a gorgeous planet full of stunning architecture and rich culture. It’s about time it rose from the ashes, and hopefully that time begins in Season 3. Din refused to serve as Marshal under Greef Karga to go to Mandalore to atone for his sins, but perhaps his arrival on the planet is what that place needs to change its fortunes.

Whether Din leads Mandalore or not is a big question, but he can certainly play a role over the coming years to help in its recovery. Watch The Mandalorian Season 3, now streaming only  on Disney+.