Are Din Djarin and Bo-Katan really rivals?

Chapter 18 of The Mandalorian titled “The Mines Of Mandalore” turned out to be yet another memorable chapter for the show. This time, Din and Grogu were joined by Bo Katan in their journey through the Mines of Mandalore. Din, who tried his best not to perish, was on a journey to purify himself in the living waters, which turned out to be a rather harrowing mission.

While Din did accomplish what he set out for, it didn’t come easy. He was attacked by underground creatures in the mines and held captive by them until Grogu took matters into his own hands, and upon being asked by his father to get Bo Katan, the little guy piloted the N1 all the way to Bo Katan’s castle on Kalevala.

Bo Katan had to protect Din from himself and it was amusing watching her having to save Din repeatedly from danger. She made it clear that she wanted to be left alone, but still came to his aid. The episode ended with Din re-taking the oath to walk “the way of the Mandalore” and walking into the living waters, only to sink to the very bottom until Bo Katan jumped in and carried him out, while catching sight of an ancient beast on the way out. More on that in another article, but what can be made of the tenuous state of affairs between Din and Bo?

This episode got half the fandom to ask if these two are enemies or lovers? All jokes aside, but does Bo plan on fighting Din for the Darksaber, or were we led on by Favreau and Filoni? It’s an enticing scenario either way for two powerful Mandalorians to be dueling it out or partnering up. Din owes Bo Katan for saving his life multiple times during this episode, but he has never seemed keen on fighting her as it is. The question is where do these two go from here? Din will definitely help Bo Katan win her people back if she asks him to. They can join hands and help their planet regain its former glory and set an example for their clans on how to bury the hatchet, literally, and focus on getting work done.

Mandalorians have to come together and now with Din’s redemption arc seemingly wrapped up within just 2 episodes, the series can turn its focus to the future of the Mandalorian home world, and that future will be more promising if people like Bo Katan Kryze and Din Djarin found a way to put their strengths into one and overlooked any quarrels, and differences of ideologies.

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