The Bad Batch: every season 2 episode ranked


Contains spoilers for ‘The Bad Batch’ episodes 15 and 16, ‘The Summit’ and ‘Plan 99’.

The second season of The Bad Batch has come to an emotional end. While there’s no confirmation of a season three yet, the past sixteen episodes have been some of the best Star Wars animation, showing the ever expanding power of the Empire and the Bad Batch trying to find their place in a changing galaxy. While they all have their good points, how does every episode rank?

16. Ruins of War

Dooku’s home planet of Serenno suffered under the Sith lord, as he pillaged his own people to grow his wealth. Sadly there’s no respite for the inhabitants, as the Empire ships out all the treasure they can. One of the strongest scenes in the episode is when Omega risks her life to try and save some of the treasure, hoping the Batch can use it to start a new, normal life.

15. The Crossing

Sent to collect raw ipsium from a disused mine, the Batch are still coming to terms with Echo’s leaving, and it’s clear the effect it has on them, with everyone having short tempers. It also features some important character development for Tech when he explains to Omega that just because he processes things differently doesn’t mean he feels their effects any less.

14. Entombed

The series takes a slight detour with Phee taking them on a treasure hunting expedition. It’s one of the more ‘filler’ style episodes, but is still a lot of fun, with Indiana Jones-esque traps and riddles getting in the Batch’s way as they search for The Heart of the Mountain, an ancient crystal that controls a mysterious giant mech.

13. Pabu

The Bad Batch find a new place to lay low, on the beautiful island of Pabu. It’s almost too good to be true, and is far away from the conflict and constant running that the Batch are used to, leading Hunter to contemplate to settling down there for good. We also see the start of a relationship between Phee and Tech.

12. Metamorphosis

The Zillo Beast from The Clone Wars returns as a result of Palpatine’s cloning program. While the beast is just as strong as before, it is quickly captured and transported away by the Empire. Sadly we’ve yet to see what the purpose of the Zillo Beast cloning was, whether it ties in with Hemlock’s other experiments, or was just an attempt to weaponize the creature or harvest its scales for armor.

11. The Tribe

This is one of the few occasions when a Force user appears in the series, in the form of Gungi, the Wookiee youngling from The Clone Wars. Gungi’s fate is an interesting one, as he returns to his tribe, rather than going on the run as most survivors of Order 66 did. It’s possible that there are other Jedi who returned to their home planet and gave up using the Force.

10. Truth and Consequences

With Riyo Chuchi possessing evidence that shows Rampart was responsible for destroying Tipoca City, she believes their may be hope to hold the Empire to account.  However, just as he was as Chancellor, Palpatine is an expert at shifting the blame, saying that Rampart acted alone, arresting him and saving himself yet again. It’s clear why Senators such as Mon Mothma eventually gave up on the Senate ever solving anything.

9. Tipping Point

Now a prisoner of the Empire, Crosshair is subjected to experiments by Hemlock and Karr. We’ve yet to see what the final results of these experiments are, however, though they seem to be important enough to concern Tarkin. We also see some of the work Rex and Echo are involved in, rescuing clones who’ve disobeyed Imperial orders.

8. The Solitary Clone

The first episode this season to feature Crosshair. By this point his loyalty to the Empire is still solid, and he performs his duties without question, putting down a Separatist holdout on Desix alongside Cody. Even as the Commander’s loyalty begins to falter, Crosshair sticks to the idea that good soldiers follow orders, whatever they are.

7. Retrieval

An interesting comparison is the way Mokko controls his people in this episode, and the way Hazard acts as mayor of Pabu. There’s also the clear point that the Empire isn’t the only evil in the galaxy, and that there are plenty of people who need helping. Despite the indication that the Batch would call on him for help, there’s yet to be another appearance from Benni Baro.

6. Spoils of War

The first episode of season two, and the Batch are working for Cid, trying to retrieve some of the treasure hoarded by Dooku during the Clone Wars. It’s great to see the Batch again after such a long gap between seasons, and the episode does a good job of setting up their current situation, doing jobs for Cid while trying to avoid the Empire.

5. Faster

Omega, Tech and Wrecker accompany Cid to a riot race, where she’s backing a talented but egotistical droid racer. The episode doesn’t feature much in the way of story development, but it does have one of the most pertinent warnings in the series, when gangster Grini Millegi warns the Batch that Cid will eventually betray them.

4. The Summit

With Dr. Hemlock attending a summit of high-ranking Imperials, the Bad Batch follow him, hoping to put a tracker on his ship that will lead them to Crosshair. Once again, Saw Gerrera’s tactics are called into question as he places explosives around the base, destroying any hope of tracking Hemlock. It’s interesting to see Orson Krennic is also at the summit, indicating that Hemlock’s work is as important as the development of the Death Star.

3. The Clone Conspiracy

A lot is packed into this episode, showing the political situation on Coruscant following the creation of the Empire. It feels a lot like the politically-driven episodes of The Clone Wars, and even features one of its characters in Senator Riyo Chuchi, showing the  obstacles that honest politicians faced in their struggle against the Empire’s power.

2. The Outpost

Crosshair finally reaches breaking point when Lieutenant Nolan allows clone commander Mayday to die rather than give him medical attention. It’s a powerful episode that focuses upon Crosshair’s struggle between following orders and doing what he believes is right. It also shows the Empire’s true hatred of clones, ending with one of the most satisfying moments when Crosshair shoots Nolan.

1. Plan 99

This is one of the most powerful finales in Star Wars shows. It features the full range of emotions, with Tech’s sacrifice, Cid’s betrayal, and the Batch’s commitment to find Omega. It ends on a real cliffhanger and leaves a lot of questions to be answered, especially what Dr. Hemlock has in mind for Omega, Crosshair and the other clones in the Advanced Science Division, as well as the reveal that Emerie Karr is also a clone.