The 3 best Din and Grogu moments from Chapter 23

The bond between Din Djarin and little Grogu is the glue holding The Mandalorian together from Season 1. It’s undeniable that those two have a powerful connection, and their scenes are often emotional and moving, but they can also be very silly and cute.

In this week’s episode, the writers finally gave the father and son duo some adorable interactions that had been missing the previous few weeks. Fans were eager for more, especially a few moments that showcase growth in their bond, and the writers did just that.

Here are a few moments that stood out:


  1. Grogu operates IG-12:  Greef Karga gave Din a surprise. The Anzellans fixed IG-11, or shall we say, IG-12, and made him a mech droid for Grogu to operate from within. This led to several hilarious moments. The droid now comes with two knobs, Grogu’s favorites, that allow him to answer his dad with a “yes” or a “no”. Din was understandably skeptical about him operating “heavy machinery”, but as Grogu answered back with a “yes” repeatedly, Din had no choice but to give in. This means that Grogu can now literally walk around with his dad and touch anything he wants, leading to hilarious moments when he grabbed a Meiloorun  from the local Market, and some other crunchy snacks as well. A frustrated Din payed for everything he ate, just like any good parent!
  2. Grogu & Din nodding at each other: When Axe Woves and Paz Vizsla got into a fight over a Mandalorian version of chess, Grogu broke up. His proud father acknowledged his efforts by nodding at him, and he did the same in return. It was a really sweet moment which also allowed Din to see how mature his little one can be, and how much he learnt with Luke Skywalker.
  3. Din telling Grogu to keep up: Things became chaotic and even dangerous as the Mandalorians made their way to The Great Forge, only to realize that it was a trap, and the entire place was overflowing with Imps. In the midst of their journey, Din turned around and told Grogu that he’ll have to keep up, and Grogu quickly nodded his head and tried to keep up with his father. Though short, little moments like these show their connection.


If all goes well and Din gets rescued in the finale, fans can expect a few more adorable moments between the beloved father and child duo next week. The Mandalorian is Streaming on Disney+.