You will not want to miss these Star Wars deals from GoodwillFinds

For some, being a Star Wars fan could mean enjoying all media content, including the extensive novels. For others, it could mean the memories you make with friends and loved ones while discussing the expanding lore.

But for those who enjoy filling their homes with items from the Star Wars Universe, you might want to continue reading. There is no doubt that once in a while, we can find a Star Wars item that will put an instant smile on our faces and make us immediately rush to the checkout line.

Star Wars

Vintage Industrial Automaton R2-D2 Droid. Image courtesy GoodwillFindsIt could be a Grogu nightlight, an R2-D2 alarm clock, or a Funko Pop we always wanted and finally found at a reasonable price. We could have them items on our work desks, in our cars, or have them place around the home as decor.

You are probably already thinking of all the stores that usually have a pretty decent Star Wars bounty, but have you considered shopping at Goodwill? If not, you are about to find out why you should.

Which hard to find Star Wars items will have?

Starting April 27, will have over 1,200 curated and hard to find Star Wars memorabilia items. These items include a Vintage Industrial Automaton R2-D2 Droid, 2010 Hasbro Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Vintage Collection AT-AT Commander, five Star Wars Funko Pop Figurines IOB, Disney Star Tours Star Wars Minnie and Donald Figures, Star Wars Rebel Attack Signed Lithograph – Framed Signed with COA and a Vintage Star Wars 1000 Piece Puzzle Vader Luke Hildebrandt 1977.

Star Wars

Star Wars Rebel Attack Signed Lithograph – Framed Signed with COA. Image courtesy GoodwillFinds

Star Wars

Disney Star Tours Star Wars Minnie and Donald Figures. Image courtesy GoodwillFinds

Naturally these items are expected to go quickly. Keep in mind that GoodwillFinds fund local social programs.

By purchasing items from Goodwill, you are also prohibiting items like this, from ending up in our already growing landfills. So, you can consider your purchase, whether it be for yourself or someone you know, to also benefit the rest of the planet as well.

If this sounds like a great opportunity you don’t want to miss, mark your calendars and be prepared to do some online shopping. Which GoodwillFinds Star Wars items do you hope to see?

Star Wars

Star Wars Clone Wars AT-ET Fuselage. Image courtesy GoodwillFinds

Star Wars

Vintage Marvel Special Edition Star Wars 1 2 3 Comic Books. Image courtesy GoodwillFinds

Have you ever shopped for Star Wars items at Goodwill? Let us know in the comments below!