Star Wars: Visions is an anthology series, with every episode featuring its own story, character..."/> Star Wars: Visions is an anthology series, with every episode featuring its own story, character..."/>

Star Wars: Visions season 2 episodes that need a sequel

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Star Wars: Visions. Image courtesy /

Star Wars: Visions is an anthology series, with every episode featuring its own story, characters, and style of animation. While each of these stories can stand on their own, some of them feel like pilot episodes that are the beginning of a much larger story and leave the audience wanting more.

In Visions season 2, this is the case for nearly half of the episodes. This is not a criticism as these particular episodes are among the strongest in the series so far; it is a testament to the strength of the storytelling and all the compelling possibilities these episodes leave open.

Whether it is an episode in a future season of Visions, or a book like Ronin: A Visions Novel that built off the season 1 episode “The Duel,” these are the season 2 episodes that need a sequel.

“Screecher’s Reach”

The first half of “Screecher’s Reach” feels like a standard Star Wars story as a child (Daal) and her friends go on an adventure. The second half of the episode takes an unexpected turn as it is revealed that this is the origin story of a child becoming a Sith apprentice.

Daal chooses to leave her friends behind to train with the Sith Mother. As much as it breaks her heart, going with the Sith Mother is seemingly the only way Daal can escape a life of grueling labor in a factory, and so Daal takes her chances.

This episode more than any other feels like it needs a sequel. Will Daal let the dark side and a thirst for power consume her like most Sith, or can she walk a path different from most Sith Lords? Will she ever return to free her friends and the other children from the factories, or will she forget her friends? Will she remain a Sith forever, or could she one day be like the protagonist of the Visions episode “Sith” who creates a new life for herself?

Seeing a child protagonist become a Sith apprentice to save themselves from a lifetime of oppression is a fascinating story. Seeing who Daal becomes next is equally fascinating and leaves too many tantalizing possibilities to ignore.

“The Spy Dancer”

Loi’e is a rebel spy who uses her dancing and showmanship to place trackers on unsuspecting Imperials. As if the fear of getting caught is not enough, the stakes are significantly raised when it is revealed that an Imperial officer burned her village and stole her son many years ago. When she sees an Imperial officer in the crowd of her performance, she believes it is the same man, and tries to kill him.

She ultimately realizes that the Imperial officer is actually her son and that he was indoctrinated into the Empire. She shares her realization with her son, embraces him, and flees to safety with her fellow rebels, but not before leave a tracker with him.

“The Spy Dancer” leaves the question of what will happen in the future now that Loi’e and her son know the truth, and now that she knows where he is thanks to the tracker. Will Loi’e and her son ever reunite, and if so, what will that reunion look like? Will the son be able to accept his rebel mother? Could he join the Rebellion, or will he remain forever loyal to the Empire?

The story of Loi’e and her son is the heart of the episode, but the resourceful and loyal group of rebels Loi’e works with is also a story worth following as they risk everything to save each other and live to fight another day, even after their spy operation is compromised. It is worthwhile to continue following them and seeing if they can one day defeat the powerful Empire.

“The Bandits of Golak”

Since “The Bandits of Golak” ends with siblings Rani and Charuk going on separate paths, a sequel has the opportunity to follow both characters. Rani’s future story seems fairly straightforward, the tale of a Force-sensitive child who becomes a Jedi and fulfills her destiny.

Charuk’s story, on the other hand, is less predictable. He dedicated his life to protecting his sister and bringing her to safety in a world where she is hunted. Now that he has completed his mission and his sister is safe and training to become a Jedi, what will Charuk do with his life? The Inquisitor said that he burned their village and that there were no survivors, meaning that Charuk and Rani’s father is dead and returning home is not an option.

During the train scenes earlier in the episode, there are mentions of “insurgents” and a rebel group does attack the stormtroopers guarding the train. Perhaps Charuk can join these rebels and fight the Empire to make his home planet and the galaxy safer for Rani and others like her.

The separate Charuk and Rani storylines could eventually intersect again as Rani and her fellow Jedi and Charuk and his fellow rebels unite against the Empire.

“Aau’s Song”

Star Wars has shown many unique Force abilities over the years, but “Aau’s Song” features one of the most unique abilities seen so far. Aau is able to channel the Force through her singing. She uses her singing to purify all of the kyber crystals on her home planet Korba.

Recognizing how gifted Aau is with the Force, the Jedi Kratu offers to take Aau into the wider galaxy to train her, an offer that Aau accepts.

Not only would it be fun to see Aau on adventures around the galaxy, but it would be intriguing to see what else Aau can do through her ability to channel the Force by singing.  Purifying kyber crystals corrupted by the Sith is impressive and invaluable, but she is likely able to do even more with her vocal Force abilities.

When Aau’s father told her how proud he was of her, he also mentioned that she was the first of their kind to leave home and travel the galaxy. This could lead to some great “fish out of water” moments as Aau navigates space travel for the first time, along with planets, cultures, and species she has never encountered before.

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