Star Wars Visions: Top 5 plot twists from season 2

Star Wars: Visions. Image courtesy
Star Wars: Visions. Image courtesy /

This article contains spoilers for season 2 of Visions.

The second season of Star Wars: Visions has been a wild ride, with incredible variety in artistic style and story direction. Across many of the episodes is one big similarity, some top-notch plot twists that will knock your Jedi robes off. Here are the top 5 most jaw-dropping moments from the show.

5. In the Stars: When the handprints appeared

In an emotional twist at the end of the episode, sisters Koten and Tichina return to the special stone after freeing their planet from the Empire’s terrible reign. As the polluted clouds begin to clear, they can see the stars again, and the stone lights up with the handprints of their lost family and friends. While the episode hinted at the power of their star paint, this moment is as touching as it is shocking. I won’t name any names, but let’s just say some tears were shed.

4. Sith: The yellow and red lightsaber

It was a bit of a surprise when the woman’s former Sith master attacked after hunting her down, but the real twist came when she used a duel-bladed lightsaber with both a yellow and red side. Only when she wields the saber with both blades can she defeat her enemy. The saber communicates the way the woman has grown to balance Dark and Light within her, and works as a fantastic symbol for her growth. A dual saber like that has never been seen before and certainly makes an impression.

3. The Pit: The Empire abandoned the prisoners

The Empire doesn’t have a great track record with treating people well. From genocide to planetary destruction, they have made a name for themselves as ruthless villains. However, The Pit brings them to a new low when the Stormtroopers abandon a group of miners in a deep pit after they finish mining for kyber crystals. Their treatment of the prisoners is appalling. They free their restraints only to leave them stranded with no way to escape.

2. The Spy Dancer: Her son was the Imperial officer

At first it seemed like the officer was the man who took the child of Loi’e away from her, but when she sees him up close, she realizes that he is not the man she wants to kill. Instead, as they fight, Loi’e reveals that he is her son who was taken by the Empire. The characteristics that visually define her species, small horns and two different colored eyes, have been surgically hidden, but she still knows who he is. Instead of her original plans, she leaves a way for him to find his way back to her.

1. Screecher’s Reach: Daal was following the orders of a Sith

The final moments of Screecher’s Reach earn this episode the top spot for plot twists. Daal and her friends travel to explore a cave that is rumored to be haunted. Throughout the episode, Daal spoke to a pendant, asking for courage. It may have looked innocuous, but at the end of the episode, a Sith voice came from the pendant, congratulating Daal on her successful mission in the cave. Daal chose to leave her friends behind to join the Sith, a truly astonishing move to the Dark side.