Who Katee Sackhoff thinks should play live-action Satine

(L-R): Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
(L-R): Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN, season three, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

Katee Sackhoff has shared who she would like to see play Satine Kryze in live-action. Sackhoff voiced Bo-Katan Kryze in The Clone Wars before making her live-action debut as the character in The Mandalorian season 2.

In The Mandalorian season 3, Sackhoff was promoted to a starring role. Bo-Katan appeared in every season 3 episode and became an even more vital part of the series. This included touching on Bo-Katan’s backstory.

In “Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore,” Bo-Katan tells Din Djarin about how she took the Mandalorian Creed in the Living Waters when she was a child. She mentions being a princess in the royal family and how proud her father was of her, but she does not mention her sister Satine.

During an interview on the Steve Varley Show, Sackhoff discussed whether Satine could appear in future live-action stories and who could play the role:

"“I’m sure Dave [Filoni] has all the answers to all of this stuff. That’s the cool thing about Filoni is that he already has all the answers to all of this stuff. It’s just a matter of whether or not I get to be privy to it or not… I wish that we could talk about Satine. I think Cate Blanchett would be amazing.”"

Given Blanchett’s phenomenal acting and her striking resemblance to Satine, she would make an excellent choice. Blanchett brings a regal bearing to many of her characters, which would be perfect for portraying the Duchess of Mandalore.

This would not be Blanchett’s first time joining a major franchise as she played a villain in Lucasfilm’s other major franchise–Indiana Jones–when she played the villainous Irina Spalko in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She also played Hela in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Will Satine ever appear in live-action Star Wars?

While Blanchett is a great casting choice, it can only happen if Satine appears in a future live-action Star Wars story. Satine is long dead by the time of The Mandalorian and its various spinoffs as she died during the Clone Wars. In order for Bo-Katan to share a scene with Satine during this time period, it would need to be a flashback during the time of the Clone Wars, if not earlier in the timeline.

Bringing in Satine as a former Mandalorian leader and as Bo-Katan’s sister could work, especially as a way to explore Bo-Katan wrestling with regrets in her past. Bo-Katan finally figured things out in The Mandalorian season 3 and confronted many of her regrets. Yet, there is arguably more for Bo-Katan to confront, particularly where her past with Death Watch is concerned, which is connected to Satine’s death.

Of course, Satine was more than the Duchess of Mandalore and Bo-Katan’s sister. She was also the love of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s life, with him even saying in The Clone Wars that he would’ve left the Jedi Order if Satine had given him the word to do so. Satine was murdered by Maul, who committed this act because he knew how much it would hurt Obi-Wan.

For those unfamiliar with The Clone Wars and this storyline, that is a lot to take in, and it would probably overshadow Bo-Katan’s relationship with her sister. This may be the reason why the live-action shows have steered clear of mentioning Satine, even when Bo-Katan talked about her family in The Mandalorian season 3 when such a mention would have been perfectly natural.

With none of the upcoming live-action series or movies confirmed to be taking place during the prequel era, it is difficult to see where else Satine could appear. Many fans have been clamoring to see the story of how Obi-Wan and Satine first met, a story that is referenced in The Clone Wars, but that has yet to be shown in canon. This story will probably be told some day, probably as a novel or comic series as opposed to a show or movie.

If Satine doesn’t appear in live-action, it would be nice to at least have her referenced, especially if The Mandalorian or its spinoffs continue to focus on Bo-Katan and dig further into her past.

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Do you think Satine will ever appear in live-action? If so, who would you like to see play her? Let us know in the comments!