A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor sequel is likely already in development

Cal and Merrin in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Image courtesy Respawn Entertainment, EA, and Lucasfilm Games
Cal and Merrin in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Image courtesy Respawn Entertainment, EA, and Lucasfilm Games /

Star Wars is known for its trilogies. So much of canon storytelling — even in books — has relied heavily on the three-act storytelling model. While it has never been the case for Star Wars video games, that could soon change thanks to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Will Jedi: Fallen Order get another sequel? It’s quite likely, if Survivor’s director has any say in the matter.

In an IGN interview, game director Stig Asmussen revealed he always wanted there to be a third installment of the story.

“I always wanted to see this as a trilogy,” he said. “How can we take Cal and the crew to new places beyond what we were doing in the first game?”

One of many reasons these games have found massive success is their attention to quality character development. Cal, for example, starts out as a Jedi in hiding having all but severed his connection with the Force. By the end of Survivor, he’s approaching the completely opposite end of the spectrum. And he’s just one character of many who display this impressive level of growth — that is, for an action-adventure game that relies so heavily on combat in order for the player to progress.

While a Survivor sequel isn’t necessary — is a second story installment ever, really? — the game does end on quite a sinister note. Much like The Empire Strikes Back, the second game leaves an open ending perfect for another, possibly final story to come soon thereafter. Whether or not we get more is less about the story and more about the success of the latest game.

So if you haven’t publicly praised Survivor for all to see — now’s the time!

The good news is, if you don’t want to wait years for another Cal Kestis (and crew) story, there’s a book for that. Sam Maggs’ Jedi: Battle Scars novel, although set before the events of Survivor, can give you another dose of the Mantis crew while you await your next playthrough … or the likely sequel to the most recent game.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is available to play now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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