Harrison Ford wants Star Wars fans to stop asking him this

The Empire Strikes Back. Image courtesy StarWars.com
The Empire Strikes Back. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

As an actor — especially a major Hollywood star — there’s the expectation that you do a lot of interviews. Over time, you’re asked hundreds upon hundreds of questions. Which inevitably means there are some questions you’re asked more than once. Harrison Ford is here. He is tired. He does not want to be asked this question again.

Who would win in a fight: Indiana Jones or Han Solo?

It’s a fun question, or it was the first four times someone asked it, but Harrison Ford has respectfully had enough.

In his recent interview with Esquirethe actor was asked to reflect on the question Star Wars fans have asked him the most over the years. Best known for his starring roles in both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, it only makes sense that fans would attempt to merge the two in one query.

“Well, they usually ask me, ‘If there was a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, who would f*ckin’ win?’ And I say, ‘Me …I mean, what are you asking me [that] for?”

It’s an innocent question because there’s no good answer, even if Ford were to ever give one (he won’t). Who would win in a fight, Harrison Ford or Harrison Ford? He’s not being sarcastic, he’s being realistic. Obviously.

Harrison Ford has led a vast, fulfilling career, starring in everything from mega-franchise films to smaller, lesser-known projects. He’s been in the spotlight for decades and, believe it or not, even lives a life outside Hollywood. There will always be things he will not want to talk about — no celebrity is entitled to share everything about themselves even when prompted. But we could at least try to ask him interesting questions about his work. His friends. Does he have pets? Something other than the same six questions he cannot or does not want to address.

Someday. Maybe.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny comes to theaters on June 30.

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