5 reasons to buy the 2023 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Star Wars Holiday Gifts. Image courtesy Disney
Star Wars Holiday Gifts. Image courtesy Disney /

The onset of summer means it’s time to start thinking about the 2023 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, news of which dropped earlier this month.

Seriously—cancel every single one of your vacation plans. You’re going to need that time to figure out how you’re going to reenact the Battle of Endor using holiday-themed Ewok minifigures.

On the off chance that’s not enough of a reason to get excited, here are five more reasons why this latest installment in what’s become a LEGO Star Wars holiday tradition is going to be awesome.

1. Omega, dashing through the snow

Does your Bad Batch LEGO Attack Shuttle set look super cool sitting on your shelf but feel like it’s missing a key member of the crew? Have you walked the aisles of Target looking wistfully at The Justifier LEGO set, wishing you could nab that Omega minifigure but knowing your wallet just doesn’t have what it takes to afford the whole build?

Then I say to you, rejoice. Omega is one of the minifigures included in this year’s Advent Calendar, complete with a sled upon which I imagine she dashes through the snow and straight into our hearts.

2. The holiday droids you’ve been looking for

I didn’t realize what a crucial part of my ability to adequately celebrate Christmas building a holiday-themed gonk droid was until I did exactly that last year and swore I’d never again ring in the yuletide without constructing a boxy-looking robot dressed up like it’s going to an ugly Christmas sweater competition. And this year, the gonk is pulling Santa’s sleigh.

Yep—it’s a reindeer. I love it.

What’s more, there’s a Pit Droid getting in on the action. Is he helping Santa rebuild his sleigh, or is he making off with the gifts? Either way, inevitable shenanigans will ensue.

3. The Mandalorian downsizes

Listen: There are a bunch of cool looking mini ships I’m looking forward to building from this collection—the AAT, the Hailfire tank, the Justifier—but none more than Mando’s super slick N1 Starfighter. I’ve been nothing short of amazed by the detail and care each of these little builds exude. It’s an art to be able to take maybe ten tiny colorful plastic pieces and assemble them in such a way that a whole spaceship is conjured.

I know this N1 won’t disappoint.

4. 40 years of Return of the Jedi

We’ve already talked about the adorable little Ewok in holiday garb. But how about Endor-themed Princess Leia, dressed in forest green and armed with a blaster and a Christmas cookie? How about all the tiny builds that, when added together, make up a whole Ewok village? You’ve got your speeder bike. You’ve got your AT-ST—which, to be completely honest, is one of my favorite mini builds from last year’s calendar. You’ve got an Imperial shuttle.

This Star Wars Advent Calendar is fully operational.

5. The Emperor is ready for his milk and cookies

Speaking of Emperor Palpatine, he’s not only in this calendar, but he’s looking downright festive. Every year we get one or two holiday sweater-clad heroes (or villains), and this year is no different. Good ol’ Palps is wearing his Christmas red—looks like that’s no moon on it, either—and he’s got a mug of cocoa in one hand and a bit of Force lightning come out of the other.

Are you planning on getting this year’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar? What builds are you excited for? Check them all out here.