Star Wars: Outlaws Trailer and gameplay breakdown

Star Wars Outlaws. Image courtesy Ubisoft
Star Wars Outlaws. Image courtesy Ubisoft /

On Sunday, June 11th, Lucasfilm Games, along with the help of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft released the first trailer for their new open-world video game, Star Wars: Outlaws. This thrilling new addition to the Star Wars gaming universe will be available to play on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Outlaws is set to be released as an open-world game, the first Open-World Star Wars game ever. The first trailer paints a very familiar picture. We’ve seen the Empire’s reign throughout several movies, series, books, and other video games before this one.

This story follows Kay Vess, a thief who seems to be on the run from the Empire. Nix, her companion, will accompany her throughout the majority of the game. Nix is a pet-like character whose presence seems to be crucial for the actual gameplay.

In the trailer, there appears to be an easter egg that raises quite a few eyebrows. We see a glimpse of Han Solo in the carbonite prison he was put into during the events of Empire Strikes Back. The shot of Solo pretty much confirmed the period of this game is between Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi, so much so that Star confirmed it themselves.

Because of Solo’s cameo appearance, many wonders who else will show up in this game by Proxy. Of course, there’s room to speculate that Luke, Leia, and the rest of the gang could pop up as well. On the other hand, many anticipate that Jabba The Hutt will be featured as well, as Jabba has both connections to Solo and reason to want a thief like Kay off the streets of Mos Espa.

Along with a film-like trailer, a separate gameplay clip was released on Playstation’s youtube channel. The video was about ten minutes long and showed us many things that will be important to the game. In the first few shots, we see Kay take on the Pyke Syndicate, an infamous clan that fans of The Book Of Boba Fett will remember well. It seems the Syndicate will play a crucial part in this game among other characters and factions.

As of right now, no specific release date is out yet. However, the game is set to be released sometime next year. Until then, there is much more information and details to be released this and next year. As long as everything goes to plan, Kay Vess is set to take the galaxy by storm soon.