New Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade excerpt shows Iskat meeting Palpatine

Rise of the Red Blade. Image courtesy
Rise of the Red Blade. Image courtesy /

Just two weeks away from the next Star Wars book release, there’s a new excerpt showing the main character Jedi Iskat Akaris meeting Chancellor Palpatine at the beginning of the Clone Wars. In Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade, author Delilah S. Dawson follows Iskat through the Clone Wars, Order 66, and eventually turns to the dark side to become an Imperial Inquisitor.

The first excerpt from the book shows Iskat’s perspective of the beginning of the Clone Wars during the Battle of Geonosis.

In the newest excerpt, this one from Entertainment Weekly, Iskat awaits judgment and possible punishment by the Jedi Council after a disastrous first mission as a Jedi Knight. Iskat is reprimanded in a way but is also reassigned to oversee teaching and guiding the younglings.

To Iskat, this is a punishment. Despite the tragedies on her first mission, she felt the most free and comfortable off-planet and away from the stifling Jedi Temple.

"“For a long moment, Iskat said nothing. She’d come here excited about her next mission offplanet, but they were effectively grounding her. All of Mace’s careful compliments didn’t change the fact that this wasn’t just a disappointment—it was a demotion.It was a punishment.“Master, this is a great honor—”“But?” Mace’s eyebrows rose.“But I feel that the Force calls me to serve the Jedi and the Republic through service in the field. I know you think I’ve suffered a lapse in judgment, or that I’m not ready to lead, but I’m ready to follow.” Iskat’s hearts were thumping, and she struggled to maintain her composure. She had to convince Mace that this was the wrong decision.”"

After reluctantly accepting her new assignment, Iskat is instructed to escort Chancellor Palpatine from a landing pad to a meeting with the Jedi Council. During Iskat’s brief chat with Palpatine, she feels that the chancellor respects and has more faith in her than her Jedi peers and superiors.

"“I’ve been told I’m to teach the children now, rather than go on an­other mission,” she said, unable to hide her frustration.He put a hand to the lift door, holding it open. “How fortunate for the children. They are our future, after all, and they can only benefit from your knowledge. I’m sure we’ll see you in the field again soon. The Re­public needs more Jedi like you.” His eyes twinkled as he inclined his head in farewell and allowed the lift doors to close, leaving her alone.As the lift descended, Iskat felt a glimmer of hope. Maybe Mace Windu didn’t have faith in her, but in one brief meeting, Chancellor Palpatine had suggested he did. She’d felt it in the Force, felt the chan­cellor’s goodwill and approval. He’d said they needed more Jedi like her.It felt good, and she hoped she would encounter him again soon.”"

Read the full excerpt — and listen to the audiobook version of the excerpt — here.

Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade by Delilah S. Dawson arrives on July 18. It’s available to preorder now wherever you buy books.

There are also a couple of exclusive special editions of the book coming soon. One is exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, and the other is available for anyone to purchase through Inkstone Books.

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