How to get a copy of The Force Unleashed for free

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Image courtesy
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Image courtesy /

Prime day is here and Amazon is has several Star Wars items on sale, but there’s one item that they’re giving away for free.

Amazon Prime subscribers can get a complete copy of The Force Unleashed for the PC this year through Amazon Prime Gaming. The Force Unleashed was released in 2008, and is set between Episode III and Episode IV, during the period of time where Darth Vader was hunting down and killing any Jedi who had survived Order 66. The player takes control of Starkiller, an apprentice of Darth Vader who was raised and trained in secret, and who is helping continue his master’s mission of finding and eliminating the remaining Jedi, but also keeping his existence a secret from the Emperor who Darth Vader plans to one day overthrow. As the game progresses, Starkiller begins to plant the seeds of resistance that will one day become the Rebel Alliance, and starts down a path of redemption.

While the game was among the Star Wars titles that were removed from the canon when Disney took over Star Wars in 2012, it still remains a game that is popular with fans. The game allowed players to interact with the environment through using the force like nothing that had ever happened in Star Wars video games before that point. For example, a comment about The Force in the game being “powerful enough to pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky” would not only set the tone for how The Force was treated for the game, but actually became a part of the game itself. When The Force Unleashed was released in 2008, the game became the fastest selling Star Wars game of all time at that point, and got a sequel two years later.

If you are one of the Star Wars fans who still hasn’t gotten around to playing The Force Unleashed, or maybe you just want to replay a game you haven’t gotten your hands on since the days of the Nintendo Wii, you can download a complete copy of the game absolutely free as a part of Amazon Prime Day. According to Amazon’s gaming site, the deal will be available for the next month. If you want to fill out your video game library even further, Amazon will also be making Baulder’s Gate 2, Prey, and Shovel Knight: Showdown available for free as well for Prime Day.