Hayden Christensen’s new hobby makes him want to drive an AT-AT

Image courtesy StarWars.com
Image courtesy StarWars.com /

Although the final instalment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was released almost twenty years ago, the films are still celebrated for their story, music, and meme potential. Hayden Christensen, who portrayed Anakin Skywalker, is appreciated now more than ever for his impact on the series.

Despite his fame, Christensen has led a relatively quiet life, now residing on a farm in Canada with his family. In a recent appearance at Fan Expo Denver, Christensen gave fans a small look into his life, revealing a surprising new hobby.

“I always have different projects that I’m working on [at the farm], and right now, I’m finishing off a pond. I’ve gotten really into pond construction because I like big construction equipment and digging holes. So, I’ve built four ponds now.”

While Christensen called the project “pretty straightforward”, his description of the completed ponds sounds anything but. Not only are the ponds finished with rock bottoms and stocked with fish, but they contain water features, complete with plumbing set up by Christensen himself.

His interest in pond construction was inspired by the way humans can imitate nature. He is fond of adding waterfalls to create the sounds of running water on his farm. His passion for the project became clear when answering a panel question about whether he would rather drive a podracer or an AT-AT.

“When I was a little younger, I would definitely have said a podracer because I had a bit of a heavy foot, I used to like to drive real fast. But now my sort of penchant for speed is not what it used to be, and my love of big equipment has blossomed.”

Unlike the majority of fans in the room, who voted that a podracer would be the best vehicle, Christensen would now love to try driving the famed Imperial walker. There is no telling where Christensen’s love of heavy machinery will take him next, but whenever fans are curious as to what he is up to, we can picture the actor using an AT-AT’s blasters to break ground for his next big project.