Christopher Nolan coy about the possibility of directing a Star Wars film

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Image courtesy
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Image courtesy /

Christopher Nolan has a pretty great record at the box office, and not only do his films impress audiences, but he has a way with the critics as well. Recently, Nolan seemed unwilling to rule out the possibility of him lending his masterful direction to a Star Wars project.

Though this news may come as a surprise to many who may not have pictured the Interstellar, The Dark Knight and Oppenheimer director to ever consider having a go at Star Wars, Nolan didn’t rule out the possibility. In fact, when asked if he’d ever lend his directing chops to a Star Wars project, Nolan didn’t answer the question at all. However, sometimes silence speaks volumes.

Nolan was in fact interviewed by journalist Hugo Travers for his YouTube series. When asked if he would like to work on a Star Wars film, Nolan took a long pause and declined to give any answer, negative or positive. This was odd considering the fact that he gave very clear cut responses to other questions, including a firm “No”, when asked if he’d like to do another superhero film.

Could he possibly be in discussion with LucasFilm already, or is the idea of doing a Star Wars project something he’s cherished for a long time? Only time will tell. For now, Star Wars has plenty of big names lined up to direct  upcoming films, including Dave Filoni, Sharmin Obaid Chinoy, and James Mangold.

Perhaps Nolan doesn’t need to direct a film. The galaxy far, far away is ripe with plenty of stories to tell, including for television. After the success of The Mandalorian launched Disney+ and Star Wars on television, many avenues have opened for potential stories that may not have made it to the big screen as films. Undoubtedly, no one would disapprove the idea of Nolan getting his feet wet by directing an episode of The Mandalorian and then moving on to bigger things.

For now, Nolan’s latest, Oppenheimer, already has spectacular reviews from critics and is set to hit theaters July 21st in the US.