One thing might make Ahsoka season 2 possible

Ahsoka. The Mandalorian season 2. Courtesy of Lucasfilm.
Ahsoka. The Mandalorian season 2. Courtesy of Lucasfilm. /

Ahsoka hasn’t even premiered yet, but people are already wondering if this is it for the series, or will there be more to come? Rosario Dawson recently revealed that a second season is very much possible, and she’s got her fingers crossed for it aswell. While referring to the amount of physical training the role requires, the actress optimistically told in an interview back in June that she’s “got her ice packs ready to go for Season 2.”

In fact, Disney’s first-quarter earning’s reports revealed an interesting detail about Ahsoka. The report referred to Ahsoka as “Season 1”, something it didn’t do for other series like Skeleton Crew which premieres later this year. Rosario has made it very obvious that she wants more, and maybe that’s due to the fact that there is more to expect, and she’s dropping hints for fans to be prepared for a second season.

Dawson also revealed, that a second season is possible if Season 1 fulfills one requirement, that being high viewership. In fact, in an interview  with Entertainment Weekly before the strike, Rosario revealed hopes for the series:

"“I really, really hope the fans love it. That means A) we get to do more and B) we’ve honored the legacy of this character and this journey, and I know that’s what we intended to do.”"

That makes it clear as day that if the show is a big hit and well received by both fans and critics, similar to The Mandalorian Season 1, then Season 2 will be off and running as soon as the scripts are ready and filming has resumed in Hollywood. Keep in mind, Ahsoka, The Mandalorian and Skeleton Crew are all building towards the Mandoverse movie directed by Dave Filoni. If Ahsoka gets a season 2, along with Mando Season 4 and Skeleton Crew, that would give a very nice build-up to the movie, which would make the payoff all the more satisfying for fans.

Ahsoka Season 1 premieres August 23 on Disney+.