Ahsoka season 1 episode 2 recap: Chopper’s Delight

Chopper in Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: AHSOKA, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
Chopper in Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: AHSOKA, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

Warning: This recap contains full spoilers for Ahsoka season 1, episode 2, “Toil and Trouble.”

Ahsoka Episode 2, “Toil and Trouble,” opens with Ahsoka Tano watching over an injured Sabine Wren as she recovers from her lightsaber wound from the end of the previous episode.

Once awake, Sabine mentions that she opened the map, saw two connected galaxies, and beat one of Shin’s droids that attacked her. Ahsoka gets an idea and leaves to investigate.

Ahsoka goes to Sabine’s home at the Lothal communication tower, where Ezra Bridger lived at the beginning of Star Wars Rebels, and Sabine’s Loth-cat greets her. Sure enough, she’s jumped by Shin’s assassin droid from the previous night, and Ahsoka easily swipes off its head with her lightsaber.

Back at the hospital, Sabine works to extract the droid’s memory to try and trace its origin. Along with Ahsoka and Sabine are droid professor Huyang and Hera Syndulla calling in via hologram. The droid begins to boot up but threatens to overheat and explode. Huyang panics and shuts down the droid’s head, but Sabine has the information she needs. The droid came from Corellia in one of escaped villain Morgan Elsbeth’s factories.

Ahsoka says she’ll meet Hera there, shutting down a protesting Sabine who wants to go too. Hera nurtures her once crew member, telling Sabine that Ahsoka does want her there and to get her rest.

We check in with the baddies as Morgan meets Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati at a Nightsister ritual site. Tapping into her own Nightsister powers, Morgan opens the map Shin returned to her and shows the two galaxies Sabine saw in the previous episode. Supposedly, this is the destination of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Baylan calls it the “Pathway to Peridea,” an old Jedi fairy tale told to younglings. Morgan says Thrawn calls her across space and time, and they must complete the Eye of Sion. She wants the masked ex-inquisitor Marrok to complete his task, and she leaves.

Shin asks her master what happens when they find Thrawn. Baylan answers that, for some, it means war. For others, a new beginning. For the two of them, power beyond their dreams. He then sends Shin to Corellia to help out Marrok.

Ahsoka and Hera arrive on Corellia, greeted by the very toady Myn Weaver, the Region Supervisor at Morgan’s old factory. The New Republic should have seized all of Morgan’s assets, and Weaver refuses at first to show Hera and Ahsoka around. But when Hera pulls rank on him, he’s forced to give in.

Behind the group in one of Hera’s ships, the Phantom, is Chopper, her cantankerous astromech droid keeping watch.

Weaver takes Hera and Ahsoka on a tour of Morgan’s factory, revealing that Imperial workers still run it. Hera questions their loyalty, and Weaver says they’re all loyal to money over the Empire.

During the ride, Hera asks Ahsoka about Sabine, but Ahsoka waves it off. So, Hera asks her point blank to make Sabine her apprentice again.

When Ahsoka says Sabine isn’t ready, Hera poignantly asks, “What makes someone ready?”

And Ahsoka cryptically answers, “You just know. So do they.”

Checking in with Sabine, Huyang notices Sabine’s lightsaber. She corrects that it’s Ezra’s lightsaber, but he says she modified it, so therefore it’s hers now. He asks if she kept up her training, and she says that Ahsoka doesn’t want to train her. Matter-of-factly, Huyang essentially tells them both to get over it and move forward.

Sabine compares herself to Ezra, saying she doesn’t have his abilities. Huyang agrees, saying she has very little Force powers. Regardless, he says her moping over Ahsoka wastes her own time and hands her her lightsaber back.

Back with Ahsoka and Hera, Weaver takes them to the control center. Hera notices a hyperdrive core outside and says that the New Republic doesn’t have any ship that big, questioning what it’s for. Weaver is flustered, saying it’s classified. Hera again tries to pull rank on Weaver as he stalls.

Then, a protocol droid in the room answers that she was recently stopped by the same HK-series assassin droids that have been fighting our heroes for two episodes now. All the workers in the background look on suspiciously.

Suddenly, the ship with the hyperdrive begins to take off. Hera orders it to stop before a background worker yells, “For the Empire!” and attacks.

A fight breaks out with Hera racing for the Phantom as Chopper starts the engines and Ahsoka leaping out the window. Waiting for Ahsoka is Marrok and the two duel.

Hera takes off after the transport ship, which fires on her. Chopper gives her all of his glorious sass in the battle as he readies a tracking device.

Shin arrives to pick up Marrok, both escaping Ahsoka, as Hera and Chopper land the tracking device on the transport before it jumps into hyperspace.

Back on Lothal, Sabine returns home and takes out her Mandalorian army, laying it out piece by piece in reverence. She dons her armor, and as she kneels before her helmet, she cuts her hair.

Back on Corellia, the New Republic arrests Weaver and the workers. Ahsoka and Hera part ways, and there is a call waiting for Ahsoka on her ship. It’s Sabine in her armor, telling Ahsoka she’s ready.

The next scene recreates the Star Wars Rebels epilogue with Sabine visiting the mural of the Ghost crew and touching Ezra’s face. Ahsoka arrives to pick her up, and they set course for the Denab system near Seatos. As they leave Lothal, Ahsoka calls Sabine her padawan.

Above Denab, a massive structure is being built, looking like the old hyperspace rings of the Jedi used during the Republic and Clone Wars. It’s the Eye of Sion, the ship Morgan will use to find Thrawn. Baylan, Marrock, and Shin call in, and Baylan is troubled by Ahsoka’s arrival.

Baylan says Ahsoka is coming, and it’ll be sad for them to have to kill her, ending the episode.