Why is Han Solo’s home planet Corellia in Ahsoka?

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) made a return in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."Xxx Img Han Solo 3 1 1jcrkhi8 Jpg
Han Solo (Harrison Ford) made a return in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."Xxx Img Han Solo 3 1 1jcrkhi8 Jpg /

Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Ahsoka‘s two-episode premiere.

Han Solo may not be in the Ahsoka series, but his home planet Corellia does serve as the primary setting of the second episode, “Toil and Trouble.”

Corellia’s first onscreen appearance was in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie begins on Corellia and shows Han and Qi’ra’s lives there before they were separated. Ahsoka is only Corellia’s second appearance in live-action Star Wars.

The planet’s claim to fame is its shipyards which have been producing high-quality ships for hundreds of years, from the High Republic era to the the sequel trilogy. As seen in Solo and as referenced in Ahsoka, many of the Empire’s ships were made on Corellia.

By the time of Ahsoka, Corellia had become the New Republic’s shipyards, but given the Empire’s history and the profits made from the Empire, not everyone was happy with the new regime. When Sabine Wren uncovers that the assassin droids sent after her came from Corellia, Ahsoka Tano recalls that Morgan Elsbeth had factories on Corellia.

While Sabine recovers from the lightsaber wound inflicted by Shin Hati, Ahsoka, Hera Syndulla, and Chopper go to Corellia to investigate. Meanwhile, Shin and the Inquisitor Marrok go to Corellia to acquire a Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive needed for the Eye of Sion, the vessel that will be able to travel to the other galaxy where Thrawn is located.

Ahsoka and Hera uncover those working with Elsbeth on Corellia and Ahsoka duels Marrok, but the dark side mercenaries escape, along with their transport carrying the hyperdrive. Chopper once again proves he is the real MVP as he plants a tracking beacon on the transport before it jumps into hyperspace.

The New Republic arrests Myn Weaver and the others on Corellia working for Elsbeth. However, this is not the end of Imperial influence on Corellia. Following the First Order’s rise to power and the destruction of the New Republic, the First Order will take control of Corellia and their shipyards.

The novel Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhorse, which takes place between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, shows that the First Order forces their prisoners into building ships on Corellia. Unfortunately for the people of Corellia, its prized shipyards are often a target of those consumed by greed or power.

Corellia may not appear in Ahsoka again, but it was great to see Han Solo’s home planet in live-action Star Wars again and at a point in the timeline that hasn’t been explored as much in other Star Wars media.