‘People with disabilities belong in Star Wars’: Galaxy of Heroes adds original character to game

The popular mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has brought a brand-new, game-original character, Captain Drogan, into its ever-growing lineup of playable characters.

The game’s latest marquee event — where all players have a chance to gain character shards by completing several levels of combat — is now live. Drogan was created specifically for the game, and has yet to appear in other Star Wars media — though that will likely change in the future. The character was born with a limb difference, and is representative of players with disabilities, specifically outlined as part of his release.

“We are always thrilled at an opportunity to add a new original character to the Star Wars universe,” his Kit Reveal reads. “It’s important that our players can see themselves in our game. People with disabilities belong in Star Wars, belong in games, and belong in our community.”

Captain Drogan was a Rebel captain who fought at the Battle of Endor, and fights  best as part of teams stacked with other Rebel characters. Mon Mothma, Saw Gerrera, and GL Leia are his best companions.

As part of a squad, Drogan is a powerful Attacker and Rebel Fighter, and will support a variety of teams under different kinds of Rebel-class leaders.

You can visit the character’s Kit Reveal to learn more about his backstory and how he came to join the Rebel Alliance.

The marquee event is open for the next seven days, after which Drogan will become unlockable with the use of real-world currency until the next marquee event begins. At that point, he will become unlockable through typical free gameplay.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is free to play on iOS and Android devices.

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