A New High Republic Phase III Dark Horse comic is on the way

Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic - Logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide
Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic - Logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide /

A new installment of The High Republic Adventures is on the way, continuing the previous comics released by IDW Publishing.

The series, now under Dark Horse Comics, will be written by Daniel José Older, with interior art and cover by Harvey Tolibao and colors by Michael Atiyeh. The comic begins one year after the fall of Starlight Beacon (the tail end of Phase I) and will feature familiar characters like Zeen Mrala and Qort. Many of their Jedi team members are missing, and it may be up to them to find — maybe even rescue — their friends.

The series can be enjoyed by anyone, Older told StarWars.com, even if you’re just experiencing The High Republic for the very first time. “Whether you’ve been keeping up with the High Republic all along or are just jumping in now, these adventures will immerse you  in a thrilling new era in the galaxy far, far away!”

It was first announced that Dark Horse would resume publishing all-ages Star Wars comics in 2021. The publisher previously published comics that were later handled by IDW. This is the first High Republic comic Dark Horse will oversee, with hopefully many more to come in the next few years — and beyond. All-ages comics open up this storytelling medium to a wider audience — anyone can enjoy this series and others that may be planned for the future.

The first issue of the series will also release a variant cover by Soroush Barazesh. So be on the lookout for that if you’re a collector who needs every version of your favorite stories.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Phase III #1 is set to release on December 6 wherever you get your Star Wars comics.

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