Ahsoka episode 6 “Far, Far Away” ending explained

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) in Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: AHSOKA, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen) in Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: AHSOKA, exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers for Ahsoka, episode 6, “Far, Far Away.”

This week’s episode of Ahsoka was an incredible payoff to weeks of prior buildup. With the exploration of a new galaxy, a touching reunion, and the live-action debut of a feared opponent, there’s certainly a lot to be unpacked in Episode 6, especially its conclusion. While Ahsoka herself took a bit of a back seat in this episode, her enemies stayed diligent and awaited her inevitable arrival in this new galaxy far, far away.

Sabine gets her wish

After leaving everything and everyone she’s ever known behind to venture off with the opposition, Sabine adamantly holds Baylan Skoll to his word. As promised, Sabine was granted the opportunity to go out and look for her long-lost friend, Ezra Bridger. In pursuit of Ezra, Sabine finds a race of friendly, turtle-like creatures, called Noti. After realizing all of these beings carried the same rebellion emblem identical to hers, Sabine finally knows she is in the right place.

Sabine’s new companions take her to their village, where a whole town full of this newly discovered species can be seen. The battered padawan looks around in hopes of seeing her old friend nearby. As she gets caught up in a world she’s never seen anything like, the camera turns to face Sabine and a familiar face in the background, which we’ve all been waiting to see. Sabine turns around in awe as she’s finally reunited with Ezra Bridger. She grabs Ezra tightly, knowing her hard work and sacrifice has finally paid off.

Because Ezra disappeared so long ago, it was certainly safe to say that the former Jedi had a number of questions for Sabine, including how she got to him in the first place. Sabine declines Ezra’s questions out of fear and worry. Would Ezra understand the choices Sabine made to get her here? As happy as Ezra was to be reacquainted with Sabine, surely a Jedi would question his friend turning her back on her family. Furthermore, How Sabine is to escape this new world with Ezra remains to be unseen, even from Sabine’s point of view. While the reunion may have been everything she’d wanted and more, Sabine still has a lot to answer for in the near future.

Baylan’s words of wisdom

While searching for Sabine on Peridea, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati have a very interesting conversation. Baylan talks about his experience during what is perceived to be Order 66. He recalls the Jedi Temple burning and says that he could hardly make sense of it at first. As he aged, it became clear to Skoll that the shift between light and dark is endless and inevitable.

Skoll sees a new beginning in this galaxy. After years of fighting in numerous wars, Skoll is ready to start again. It slowly becomes clear that Skoll and Thrawn’s interests are very different. While Shin is worried by the possibility of being stranded, Baylan shows no sight of distress, almost as if he never intended to leave in the first place. He believes that Thrawn fails to realize the importance of the former Witch Kingdom. Skoll even claims that he hears something calling out to him. Whether that’s just a metaphor or the truth remains to be seen. With Thrawn planning to depart soon, Baylan wishes to capitalize on whatever Thrawn seems to have missed.

The scene ends with Skoll and Hati coming across native soldiers of the planet. Baylan tells Shin that these intimidating figures are not their enemy, for now, at least. The scene concludes before any interaction between the two parties can be seen. Whatever Baylan seeks on Peridea, it’s safe to say that his alliance with Elsbeth may be coming to an end.

Thrawn prepares for Ahsoka

After months of anticipation from the trailers, we’re finally introduced to the petrifying mastermind, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn first arrives on Perida, an ancient planet that was once the home of the Dathomiri. Thrawn wastes little time as he makes plans for his return from exile. However, Thrawn receives troubling news from his Nightsister companions that may delay his return. The sisters inform Thrawn that a Jedi has traveled intergalactically via Purrgil.

After a rather long pause, Thrawn turns to Morgan Elsbeth, the woman who had just made the unprecedented journey to find him. Thrawn asks Elsbeth if this Jedi could possibly be Ahsoka.  Elsbeth assures Thrawn that Baylan Skoll has taken care of Ahsoka. However, Thrawn does not count Skoll as a credible source as he, too, was once a Jedi. Thrawn orders that Ahsoka be considered alive until further notice. In the meantime, he requests everything that Eslbeth knows about Ahsoka.

Thrawn understands that just the fact that Ahsoka was able to survive Baylan Skoll and make the journey means that she’ll be a worthy opponent upon arrival. Additionally, Ahsoka is extremely determined to find Sabine and get answers. While Sabine did find Ezra, handing the map over to Baylan in the first place put the New Republic in a world of danger. The only move now is to stop the Grand Admiral before he seals the fate of millions and crosses galaxies once again.