Ahsoka: Does Thrawn have a zombie Nightsister army?

Nightsister Zombies. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Nightsister Zombies. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

This article has major spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 6, “Far, Far Away.”

Ahsoka Episode 6, “Far, Far Away,” saw the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, making his live-action debut. He teamed up with three Great Mothers, who were Nightsisters that wield Dark Side magic, to call to Morgan Elsbeth to rescue him. With his revealed arrival, he was accompanied by new stormtroopers called Night Troopers and his Captain of the Guard, Enoch.

And I’m pretty sure all of Thrawn’s new troopers and Enoch are zombies. Enoch’s name as well as the help from the Nightsisers are the key to this theory. Let’s start with the witches.

In another Dave Filoni show, The Clone Wars showcased the Nightsisters’ powers of the macabre. They had a unique ability to use their Dark Side magic to raise the dead. In a decisive battle with General Grievous, Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters reanimate their mummified soldiers as zombies to fight the droid army. This is a known skill these women can do.

Then there are the three Great Mothers with Thrawn. While their names aren’t mentioned in the episode, the credits say they are Klothow, Aktropaw, and Lakesis. This is significant, as it’s a play on the Fates in Greek Mythology, who were named Clotho, Atropos, and Lakesis. The Fates determined the life of a mortal and, when it was time for them to die, they would cut the thread. If you have ever seen Disney’s Hercules, these were the three comical old women with the strings and scissors who shared a single eyeball.

Enoch is the other key in this zombie theory, but we have to look at a different kind of mythology. In the Bible, Enoch is known by some scholars as “The Man Who Never Died.” He was so faithful to God that he was brought into Heaven while still alive. The Book of Hebrews states, “Enoch was translated that he should not see death.”

Putting all of this together, you have the Great Mothers based on mythological characters who control death, who are also Nightsisters that can raise the dead, along with Enoch who is based on a Biblical figure who never died. While Thrawn and Ezra seem to be in relatively good shape, a Star Destroyer can host up to 37,000 stormtroopers. We saw a glimpse of the troopers in this episode. With their armor held together with red rope (a horror take on The Red String of Fate possibly) and Kintsugi properties (a Japanese method to repair broken pottery), these could be the stormtroopers that died during the series finale of Star Wars Rebels. Also, the name “Night Troopers” could be short for “Nightsister Troopers.”

There is also the point of the cargo that Thrawn and the Nightsisters are loading onto the Eye of Sion. He agreed to move a kind of cargo for the women. Morgan notes that this cargo is coming out of the catacombs. Knowing how the Nightsisters mummified their warriors in The Clone Wars, is Thrawn about to have a big army of the undead led by Enoch?

While Thrawn has never been one for the Force and the mystic, he will use what is given to him to find his best chance to win. I’m not surprised to see him ally with the Nightsisters if it means he gets home. Also, as a fan of the Thrawn novels, it’s sad to think all the lovable cast of characters who worked on the bridge of the Chimaera might be zombies. At least Thrawn: Treason had fan favorite Karyn Faro becoming the head of her own ship, but the rest of the bridge looks to have suffered a grisly fate at the hands of some witches.

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