Dark Droids comic event will come to a gruesome end

Marvel's Dark Droids 1 Star Wars comic. Image courtesy StarWars.com.
Marvel's Dark Droids 1 Star Wars comic. Image courtesy StarWars.com. /

Last month, Marvel launched the latest Star Wars comic event, Dark Droids. Unlike most Star Wars content, Dark Droids was written and illustrated as a horror story. However, it seems that come December of this year, things will heat up quite a bit.

StarWars.com released a brief statement on September 20th regarding the conclusion of the Dark Droids series. According to them, the series finale is set to be even more terrifying than its predecessors. Throughout the series, the main villain is known as The Scourge, a central intelligence that can consume the artificial consciousness of other droids. Additionally, The Scourge is hungry to fight for a cause it can’t even understand or justify.  This is why the series writer, Charles Soule, recently stated that The Scourge was nearly unstoppable. As avid Marvel fans would say, “If you cut off one head, two more shall take its place.”

Not only is the finale set to be a thrilling one, but the end of the series is also set to feature “unlikely allies.” Who those may be remains to be seen. However, many who have read the series can certainly speculate. Fans of the comic would love to see their favorite droids make an appearance in this new type of possessed droid storyline. it’s also incredibly likely that whoever does show up in Issue #5 will most likely be part of something much bigger.

Marvel also made it clear in this briefing that Issue #5 will be not just a finale, but a tie-in event that ultimately intertwined with other comics. According to Marvel, Dark Droids is intertwined with the titles of the main Star Wars line, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and Bounty Hunters. Multiple projects that correspond to and complement each other have been Marvel and Lucasfilm’s bread and butter for the last several decades. It’s no surprise now that Marvel wishes to carry out yet another multi-project that continues the story of Star Wars in print.

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