Ahsoka: Why Sabine is about to give Ezra the shock of his life

Ezra Bridger. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Ezra Bridger. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

It must be nice to have a friend who’s ready to travel to another galaxy just to see you again. Sabine Wren is that friend. Ezra knew he could count on her, and after he waited years, Sabine finally reunited with him. But his elation is bound to turn into massive disappointment very soon because it’s inevitable that Ezra will learn how Sabine made it to Peridea. When he does, he’s in for a huge shock.

When it’s revealed to Ezra that Sabine gambled away the fate of their home galaxy, the same one he sacrificed many years of his own life to protect, he’ll probably never be able to see his friend the same way again. Make no mistake about it, this choice won’t sit well with Ezra, who’ll probably be astonished by the level of selfishness on Sabine’s part, especially as she defied her Master’s orders. Ezra wants to go home, but maybe not at this price.

Ezra has always believed that a Jedi must make the necessary sacrifice when it’s demanded of them. He’s seen Kanan giving his life to protect his family, but by choosing to come to Peridea with Baylan Skoll, Sabine has thoughtlessly gambled away the fate of Ghost Crew. She certainly has her priorities straight and Ezra’s at the very top of her list. It’s good to know what your priorities are, but how will Ezra digest this revelation?

Will he see it as a necessary choice that Sabine made to save the person she loves the most? Will he be able to understand that she did what she did because she’s already lost her entire family on Mandalore, and fears losing anyone else? There’s also the matter of Sabine’s Jedi training. Ezra has no idea that she’s training as a Padawan under Ahsoka, and that should be something that makes him happy, but instead, it might anger him further. How can a Jedi be this selfish? These are likely to be the questions Ezra will ask Sabine. Sabine hasn’t told him how she reached Peridea, and Ezra didn’t push her to, which means that the truth will be revealed by someone other than Sabine herself. Maybe Baylan will tell him, and this is when Ezra will receive the shock of his life.

For now, Ezra is hopeful that at long last, he’ll return to his home galaxy and reunite with his friends. Sabine’s clueless as to how that will happen, in fact, she doesn’t seem interested in returning. One has to wonder if she thought this whole thing through. Does she plan on staying in a wasteland with Ezra forever, or does she have the courage to return to the galaxy and friends whose fates she gambled away?

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