Ahsoka season 1 episode 8 recap: So that was an ending

Ahsoka episode 7. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Ahsoka episode 7. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Ahsoka episode 8.

The finale of Ahsoka opens with Morgan Elsbeth informing Grand Admiral Thrawn that the transfer of the mysterious Nightsister cargo is complete. He sends Enoch to prepare the Eye of Sion and dispatch two TIE fighters to deal with Ahsoka Tano and her group.

Morgan is arrogant that they’ve beaten the Jedi, but Thrawn is quick to point out essentially all of the original trilogy and how the Rebellion and Jedi have beaten the Empire before.

Thrawn thanks the Nightsister Great Mothers. They, in turn, thank Morgan Elsbeth for coming and offering the Gift of Shadows. Morgan pledges to abandon her old life to them. With fingers glowing green, they brand Morgan’s face before summoning a vortex of green magick.

The fire dies, revealing the Blade of Talzin, a nice callback to Mother Talzin, who led the Nightsisters in The Clone Wars. They give Morgan the blade, which glows with emerald flames, as the final title card is revealed:

“Part Eight: The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord.”

With the heroes on their ship overseeing the nomadic Noti, Ezra Bridger is trying to build a lightsaber. The droid Professor Huyang fusses at him, as the lightsaber building can’t be rushed.

Sabine leans in the doorway, bringing up Kanan, who taught Ezra how to build a lightsaber. Huyang says he taught Kanan, which is why he best knows how to assist Ezra. Huyang gives a lightsaber piece to Ezra, and the other piece belonged to Kanan. With this, Ezra finishes his saber and lights his new blue blade.

After Sabine walks away, Huyang gives a brief summary to Ezra about what happened to Sabine, her training with Ahsoka, and the loss of her family on Mandalore.

Sabine finds Ahsoka, and they finally talk about the Padawan giving Baylan Skoll the star map several episodes ago. Ahsoka is not mad, accepting Sabine’s apology. Ahsoka notes she made her own slew of difficult choices and says that Anakin always stood by her. So, she is choosing to stand by Sabine and her choices.

Just then, Thrawn’s TIE fighters show up and disable their ship. But Sabine maneuvers and swipes the TIES, saving the Noti people under their protection. Sadly, their ship is damaged and unable to fly anymore. Ahsoka isn’t fazed.

Enoch reports to Thrawn, and the Grand Admiral proceeds with a ground assault.

Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine hop on a couple of howlers while Huyang stays behind with the Noti to work on the ship.

Morgan now commands a group of volunteer Night Troopers whom she sends into battle. She tells Thrawn they will fight for him. He corrects it’s for the Empire, not him.

The heroes find the Eye of Sion. With one last check-in with Huyang, who tells the Jedi not to wait for him, they head out. Thrawn is ready for them, with the turbolasers from the Chimaera raining down on them.

The Jedi race their howlers towards the front gate, all three using the Force and slipping inside. They’re met by a massive wave of Night Troopers which they promptly dispatch.

It’s not the end, as the Ngithsisters do what they did best in The Clone Wars:

They raise the dead, bringing the Night Troopers back to life. Our heroes are now fighting zombie troopers. Shot after shot, lightsaber swipe after lightsaber swipe, the Night Troopers keep coming. They seal the zombie troopers behind the door and continue on.

So, Thrawn requests Morgan buy them more time. She solemnly accepts in the name of Dathomir.

Meeting the Jedi, it’s time for Morgan and Ahsoka to have a rematch from The Mandalorian. Ahsoka sends Sabine and Ezra ahead, who are met with their zombie troopers of their own to battle.

Thrawn takes his position on the Eye of Sion with the Great Mothers, and they start taking the ship out.

As Sabine is pinned by the zombie strangling her, she reaches out to her fallen lightsaber…

And uses the Force for the first time to call it to her! She takes out her last zombie, and, together, she and Ezra beat the final trooper. Though, they’re too late to board the ship.

Back with Ahsoka, more Night Troopers flood the room where she and Morgan battle. Ahsoka is forced back in a hail of blaster fire.

Ezra doesn’t think he can make the Force jump, but Sabine is confident in her new ability that she can throw him across the vast distance. He puts his trust in her to… almost success. Ezra manages to cling to the edge and pull himself up.

Sabine then spots Ahsoka, now emerging to the roof and still battling. Morgan breaks one of Ahsoka’s sabers as their battle rages. They pause as the Chimeara pulls away.

Suddenly, Sabine reveals that she did not join Ezra as she drawls out her own blade to battle with her master. With one last fell blow, Ahsoka strikes down Morgan Elsbeth.

As Ahsoka and Sabine make a break for it, Thrawn opens fire on the castle they’re on. They leap off the side, where Huyang makes a timely save to catch them. They zip up in the sky, chasing the Eye of Sion.

Thrawn calls Ahsoka’s ship and cites Anakin’s teachings for his victory. With one last “Long live the Empire,” he jumps into hyperspace, which damages Ahsoka’s starship. Notably, Ezra is still on board the Eye of Sion.

Sabine, Ahsoka, and Huyang return to the Noti, who are pleased to see them.

Shin Hati arrives with the bandits she fought with before, igniting her lightsaber.

Baylan Skoll finds one of the statues on the planet, and it’s the Father, one of the Gods of Mortis, who represents Balance in the Force. To the statue’s right is a figure of the Brother, the personification of the dark side. To the left looks to be the shattered remains of the Sister, the personification of the light side. Baylan overlooks the land before him.

The Eye of Sion arrives back in the known galaxy, approaching the planet of Dathomir.

Back with the New Republic, an Imperial shuttle arrives. Hera Syndulla, Chopper, and her troops wait in the hanger bay. The door opens, and out comes a stormtrooper. The trooper removes his helmet to reveal himself as Ezra. Hera is overcome with emotion seeing her long-lost crew mate.

Sabine joins Ahsoka, who praises her Padawan for getting Ezra home. Ahsoka says they are where they need to be and that it’s time to move on.

Sabine thinks she feels something but plays it off. The show ends with Anakin’s Force ghost looking over his once padawan, bringing Ahsoka to a close.