Crimson Climb reveals how Qi’ra got her Crimson Dawn mark

Paul Bettany is Dryden Vos in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY
Paul Bettany is Dryden Vos in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY /

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Crimson Climb.

The latest Star Wars book in the ongoing Canon, Crimson Climb by E.K. Johnston, published by Disney-Lucasfilm Press, shows Qi’ra’s rise out of slavery and into the ranks of the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate.

In Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), we meet Qi’ra again and see she has the symbol of Crimson Dawn on her wrist, branding her tightly bound to the organization and its leader, Dryden Vos. Johnston’s new book details the exact sinister moment in which she is branded with the symbol, how it is done, who gives it to her, and what she was forced to do in order to receive it.

After risking her life to prove her loyalty to Vos and Crimson Dawn, Qi’ra is called into her master’s office unexpectedly. Sarkin Enneb, the slaver who previously owned and abused her, awaits. Vos orders her to end Enneb’s life, at which point he decides she has earned his full trust.

It is at this point that Vos brands the Crimson Dawn symbol onto Qi’ra’s right wrist and makes her his most trusted lieutenant.

Vos relentlessly trains Qi’ra in martial arts and combat during their time together throughout the book, which he will come to regret later when the two engage in one final and fatal battle. But the book stops long before the main events of Solo begin, so you’ll have to rewatch the film to relive that part of the story for yourself.

Star Wars: Crimson Climb by E.K. Johnston is available now in physical, digital, and audio formats wherever you get your Star Wars books.

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