First The Eye of Darkness excerpt proves the final High Republic phase will be worth the wait

Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic - Logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide
Photo: Star Wars: The High Republic - Logo.. Image Courtesy Disney Publishing Worldwide /

The next book in the best-selling High Republic Star Wars book series, The Eye of Darkness by George Mann, is now less than a month away from publication.

To celebrate, has released the first excerpt of the novel to prepare readers for what’s to come. In it, Elzar reflects on the death of one of his closest friends — and if you think it can’t get any more emotional than that, just wait until you read the whole thing.

This book is set to launch the third and final phase of The High Republic storytelling and is set a year after the tragic fall of Starlight Beacon. The book features characters such as Elzar Mann, Avar Kriss, Bell Zettifar, and of course, Ember.

"“High above the soaring spires of Coruscant, the stars turned in their firmament as they always had, as they always would. Pinpricks of light denoting distant suns, distant worlds, distant peoples, mirrored by the glittering lights of the city far below.It should have been beautiful.Yet to Elzar Mann, the stars looked wrong. No matter how hard or how long he peered up at them from his vantage point on the grand balcony outside the chancellor’s office, they just seemed somehow off kilter, out of sorts. As if the galaxy had become kinked, twisted, changed. As if everything he’d once relied upon — every still point in a chaotic galaxy — had been suddenly yanked away, pulled out roughly from under him while he tried to remain standing.It had been the same ever since the fall of Starlight Beacon and . . .. . . and Stellan.”"

You can read the full excerpt on The full book will be here sooner than you think.

George Mann is one of the newer Star Wars authors to join The High Republic publishing initiative. His first entry into the story was 2023’s audio drama The Battle of Jedha. Authors Alyssa Wong and Daniel Jose Older will publish the next story in the initiative.

Star Wars The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness by George Mann kicks off Phase III on November 14, 2023.

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