New Ahsoka concept art from Lucasfilm features the Mortis Gods

Ahsoka season 1. Image courtesy
Ahsoka season 1. Image courtesy /

Lucasfilm released new Ahsoka concept art from their official Star Wars Twitter page. Lucasfilm released multiple art pieces, including a bone-chilling photo of the Mortis Gods statue previously seen in the finale episode of Ahsoka.

This piece draws a bit more attention due to the small figure standing on the pointed-out finger of the statue. This person is Baylan Skoll, a former Jedi who made his way into the unknown galaxy. Baylan had a vision that was ultimately not fully completed during Ahsoka’s first season, and unfortunately, with Ray Stevenson’s passing, that angle may not be further explored in future projects without recasting him.

However, after Baylan’s final shot in the season finale and this new concept art addition, it is almost certain that someone was calling out to Baylan throughout the second half of the season. Whoever that might be probably has ties to the Mortis Gods and seeks Baylan’s assistance. Baylan described his own vision as a new beginning separate from the predictable shift of good and evil in the main Star Wars galaxy.

In a separate post, Lucasfilm released more art featuring depictions of Ahoka’s starship, Purrgil up close, and more.

This season, the intergalactic space whales known as Purrgil played a big part. The shots focused on the packs during the season were nothing short of a masterpiece. The Purrgil featured in this newly released shot is illustrated from a closer distance and features the electrifying eyes of the whale. Additionally, you can see Ahsoka’s starship flying alongside in the background.

In the same post, another photo shows a view of Lothal. Lothal has only been seen in animation up until the Ahsoka series. Seeing it in live action is a long-term payoff for Star Wars Rebels fans. The city in this post was seen for the first time in Ahsoka episode 1 and was the planet we were first reacquainted with Sabine Wren on.

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