Give Asajj Ventress her own Tales of the Jedi shorts

Asajj Ventress. Image courtesy
Asajj Ventress. Image courtesy /

In 2022, Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi gave two fantastic Star Wars characters — Dooku and Ahsoka Tano — more screen time during points of time that hadn’t been heavily covered on the small screen before.

More episodes of the series are in the works, and Asajj Ventress would be the perfect character to star in some of the show’s future episodes.

We know much of her backstory already — she was a Jedi before she and her master were stranded on a planet and struggled to survive. She eventually ended up serving under Dooku as an apprentice, which would make for an interesting Clone Wars connection.

Seeing more of Asajj’s life as a Padawan and more of the aftermath of her reunion with the Nightsisters would be beyond intriguing.  The show has already adapted part of a Star Wars book into an episode, so it’s possible it could feature some scenes from Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple the same way it pulled from E.K. Johnston’s Ahsoka novel.

Asajj has always been an interesting character — plagued by the dark side even though it was always clear it was never what she was truly after. All she ever wanted was to be a part of something, to feel accepted, to feel seen.

So far, the Tales of the Jedi episodes we’ve seen have been a deep dive on each character’s life but also their psyche. Even though The Clone Wars spent plenty of time filling in emotional gaps in Ventress’s story, it’s always been the assumption we would never see her on-screen again. This may be the last chance we’ll ever get to fixing that, and it’s the perfect time to make it happen.

All episodes of Tales of the Jedi are available to stream exclusively on Disney+.

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