How to unlock Maul in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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In order to unlock Maul in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, players of the free-to-play mobile game must exercise a lot of patience.

There are several versions of this character in the game — Darth Maul (Dark Side / Attacker / Leader / Sith) and Maul (Dark Side / Attacker / Leader/ Mandalorian / Unaligned Force User). Unlike the original version of the character, Maul is unique and quite complicated to obtain. But it is possible — if you have a little patience (or real-world currency).

The cheapest yet most time-consuming way to unlock Maul is to wait for, prepare for, and ideally complete the Proving Grounds event when it comes around.

Completing the Proving Grounds event

What makes Maul extremely difficult to unlock is that his event — if you have the means to compete in it — only comes around every 4 weeks, and is only open for 24 hours monthly. The event opens immediately following the end of Conquest, and will show up in your upcoming events several days before it begins.

Players can obtain between 20 to 60 character shards per monthly event. Twenty is the minimum, but if you refresh each tier once, you can get up to 60. Doing this, however, costs a large number of crystals, which you may not have saved up unless you’re willing to pay for more.

So regardless of how you complete the event, it will take months to do so due to the infrequency of the event. But you have to meet the prerequisites first.

Proving Grounds requirements

There are several requirements players must meet before even being able to access the Proven Grounds event in the game. These include:

  • 4 million Galactic Power or above
  • Relic 3+ characters

Once you meet these parameters, you can try to obtain shards for Proven Grounds characters.

Is there another way to unlock Maul in Galaxy of Heroes?

Maul also occasionally appears in shipments, but obtaining character shards will come with a cost (either in-game currency or otherwise).

If you’re determined not to spend real money on the game, you will be able to unlock Maul eventually, if you focus on leveling up and upgrading the proper characters.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is free to download and play on iOS and Android.

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