Latest The Eye of Darkness excerpt reveals the chilling return of Marchion Ro

The Eye of Darkness by George Mann. Image Credit:
The Eye of Darkness by George Mann. Image Credit: /

There are hundreds of Star Wars books out there, and the number grows exponentially when you add in the plethora of comics set in a galaxy far, far away. The High Republic has become one of the most beloved eras in Star Wars publishing thus far, and there are still a few years of it left before the original multimedia series comes to a close.

We’re approaching the beginning of Phase III now, which begins with  Star Wars The High Republic:  The Eye of Darkness by George Mann. The author, who also contributed to The High Republic with Quest for the Hidden City and The Battle of Jedha, is back again with his first adult novel in the series. In preparation for the book’s upcoming release, a new excerpt has been released, which we will share a portion of below with a link to the full excerpt at the end.

The Eye of Darkness, which takes place almost exactly a year after the end of The High Republic Phase I, features many of the same characters from the first phase as they continue to battle the Nihil against even more dangerous stakes.

In the excerpt below,

The Eye of Darkness by George Mann. Image Credit:
The Eye of Darkness by George Mann. Image Credit: /

"“Today was the anniversary of the fall of Starlight Beacon, and rather than confining her broadcast to the planets of the Occlusion Zone, Marchion Ro was forcing Rhil Dairo to speak to the entire galaxy.She only hoped that people would understand. Would know this wasn’t her. Would believe that she was no willing collaborator. That she was only doing this because she had no choice. And if she wanted to continue helping those inside the zone, she had to survive.Rhil told herself that, over and over.It’s okay to want to live. And living means fighting, in any small way I can. It means helping others to fight, too.Today, it meant going along with whatever Marchion Ro had planned.“It’s time.” Ro’s voice cut across her thoughts, dragging her back to the here and now.Rhil steeled herself. She looked directly into the bank of cams. Lights blinked red. Words scrolled across a monitor for her to read. She cleared her throat and started.”"

You can read the full excerpt on io9.

Phase III of The High Republic is fast approaching! Whether you’re caught up on the books and comics from the initiative’s first two phases or you just want to jump right into Phase III without context, this book will delight, terrify, and fascinate you. Don’t miss out on the beginning of the final phase of these stories, out next week.

Star Wars The High Republic: The Eye of Darkness by George Mann releases on November 14, and is available for pre-order now.

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